Is Souls Unguarded delayed?

I just asked because Steam says it should have been already released, is this a Steam problem or was the game delayed? Hope I’m not breaking any rules asking this.


Games are released when they are officially announced here by staff; since its release hasn’t been announced here, I would guess it’s not a Steam problem. We shall have to patiently await steamy ghost romance a bit longer.


I will, sorry if I asked didn’t meant to sound pushy. I was just relaying on the date written on the game page. It’s cool tho, thanks for the quick answer!


The author said on twitter that it isn’t finished yet, so I guess the steam date was approximative.


sad its not finished yet but Heart of the House is one of my top five COGs so I know it will be worth the wait


I’m sorry but just out of curiosity, is there a demo of this game somewhere?

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As far as I know there is no demo at this time.

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Choice of Games will update when there is information about this game.