Is it possible to keep track of choices made by every player?

Like Telltale games does, where at the end of each chapter it lists the choices you made and relays what percentage of players made the same choices as you? I feel like this would make choice making a lot more interesting if its possible.

I think this would be an great feature, even if the data was only viewable by the developer. I think it would be super helpful to know what percentage of people are making various choices.

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This is kinda possible, with a number of conditions:

  1. You would have to define a unique variable for each choice, or perhaps concatenate text for each choice to a single variable. In either case, you would have to add logic to each and every choice in the game.
  2. You’d have to setup saving to the cloud (actually a database) – the only currently supported way of doing this is via Choice of Games configuring it, and they only do this if you have a multi-part game where part 2 /actually exists/.
  3. You would need to have direct backend access to the database that holds save games. As far as I know, Choice of Games doesn’t permit this.

Assuming that all of the above conditions are met, then you could indeed analyze the decisions made by players (at least, the players that saved their game). There wouldn’t, however, be any way to make this data visible within the game itself – you could link to an exterior web page that showed such a report, though.

That sounds like something to ask @DanFabulich about. It might be an interesting feature for Choice of Games to implement on their own site.

Or could you do it via achievements and comparing achievements people have gained or something? Steam does achievements?

It’s not something easily done though.