Implementing Player Decisions [Solved]


Hi! I’m working on a ChoiceScript game and I’ve run across a problem. In the beginning of the game, players have the option to help a stray dog. Doing so will have an impact on the game later in the story, but in the mean time life will continue on as usual. How do I “store” that decision away so I can implement it later?

Sorry if this isn’t clear, I’m not sure exactly how to explain it.


in my opinion, you could create a variable like “*create saveddog “Unknown”” and then change it to “yes” or “no”. that would allow you to move on without it affecting the rest of the game.


Thanks. How would I do that without it showing up on the stats page though?


it won’t at all. it will only appear on the stats page if you use “text saveddog” on choicescript_stats.txt


Ahh, gotcha. Thanks!


It would be easier to save it as a boolean, i.e. *create savedog false, and then change it to *set savedog true when necessary. That way you can test its value using *if savedog and *if not(savedog).