Iroquis Confederacy - Work-in-Progress

This is a work in progress - I have a few (too many!) history projects on the go but I thought I’d share to see if anyone else likes it so far. Iroquois Confederacy is built upon the struggles the Iroquois people will have over the course of three wars in North America:


  • The Seven Years War
  • The War of American Independence
  • The War of 1812

In reality, these three wars had devastating consequences for the Iroquois and the indigenous people of North America.

You have the chance to change that fate.

Themes and ambitions: I want to explore a) a clash of cultures, b) romance, which is undeveloped at this point, c) politics of survival-in-the-face-of-advesity, and of course, d) the history-of-possibility.

Inspiration: I have taken loose historical inspiration from two figures, Joseph Brant, a Mohawk leader, and Tecumseh, an chief who sought to resist incursion by Europeans.

I have only written a prologue for the Seven Years War… Progress will be slow on this. But I hope you enjoy.

There is an Educational Component: I have a quiz based loosely on requirements for 12 year-olds in the Ontario curriculum.

JRY - 2019-01-26


Beat ya nerds hehehheheheh

Ok I’m sorry i couldn’t resist I’ll post my opinion in a moment once I’ve read it.

It’s a proper historical thing.
That wants to teach me things.
So yeah. That’s cool. Not much going on at the moment though, quite short only one Chappy, and the MC is kind of “Cardboardy” at the moment not having any real character yet. There is a fair few noticeable spelling errors that I will be posting later tonight or tomorrow if no one else does, since at the moment I wanna play star craft 2.


So I saw that this is historical and just had to try it!
While I sadly dont have that much knowledge of native people, I really like the game so far!
You can be a healer, which I as a medical personal always love, and I love when my characters can learn many languages, so thats a huge plus point. I am really interested how this will continue and how the character creatin will be!
Also, the quiz is something new and a fun way to actually learn something!

The mistakes I noticed so far, whitout playing all possible routes, I have hidden them so that these will not be too long:


choose hunter, boy, diplomacy

  • "May you hunt be successful


  • your ancestors guide you,"

. instead of , but I noticed this one a lot, so maybe this is just something I dont know about the english language

  • "Yes lady Kanashstatsi, "

"Yes, lady

  • “Mother, even though I’m a boy , can I join men on the hunt ?”

join the men, by the girl option all is fine

  • “Shawatis, will you take one more warrior on you hunting party?”

on your

  • This is Six Nations territory where controlled by other Iroquois tribes

territory which is controlled

  • They want o fight these settlers


  • You rush out and waive


  • Just as you begin to fear like you’ve made a major mistake, and Englishman

, an

  • “Are you ok boy?”.

delete the dot

  • The mother thought he just need ed rest

just delete the space, needed

  • the child is in serious pain."

The, also delete the "

  • "My granfather


Choose girl and hunting:

  • She then shouts out; Shawatis,

" instead of ;

  • The hunting party is on edge; You

, you

  • While most of the hunting party enjoy eating the swan, Shawatis.

I think there is a part of the sentence missing

  • You run out yelling stop, stop; You kneel

stop, you

  • You learn after that you jumping out in the open

after that, you jumping out in the open,

  • was the chief’s nephew; He had thought

, he

  • Sell furs;


  • best price for your furs; European

, european

Choosing boy and Healer and christianity

  • flows though nature


  • people of Akwesane; He

, he

  • you tell Father.

maybe: the Father, or: Father Lemieux

  • You had though


  • You will find the Iroquois are a people of honor

are people of honour


Thanks; I will amend, edit; I wanted to put it out there and play with a few ideas.

Really interesting game idea, I love the fact you like to explore specific historical locations and aspects and toy with the ideas of history going differently. As someone who is British I do have to wonder if your character can help the British to either avoid or win both the Revolutionary War and the 1812 War (not that anyone really won the latter I gather). Also are we playing the same character through all three conflicts or are these three different scenarios?

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I love the idea of it and the historical setting is very interesting as well since the seven years war is not long before the Napoleonic war which is my favourite time period, I love the quizzes as well since you don’t hear much about native Americans other than the fact they were wrongfully pushed out of their homes- good luck I’m glad someone is writing historical games, can’t wait to see more!

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So! I love the idea that this is going to be relatively educational about the plight of Native Americans. The majority of people don’t know nearly enough about it.

That said, I was a little bit thrown off by the start of the game: it feels like a very major choice is thrust at you on literally the first page. How much will the game change, depending on you being a healer/hunter? If it is a lot, like I assume, it may be a good idea to have a few pages of world- and relationship-building before jumping into major decisions like that.

In addition, I will have to agree that there were a fair few typos and grammatical errors, but that’s nothing a little copy editing can’t fix.

Good luck with your WIP! :slight_smile:


This game might help me pass history…

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I’m really excited for this I just took a class in the history of the American Revolution and its really interesting both in the French Indian War and in the revolution of how much of a big actors they where. Can you show the complex relationship of dependency and independency among the different tribes and the relationships with the different European powers in the colonists. What are the things that most people fail to realize is that by the time of even the French Indian War the colonial Powers have been there for close to two hundred years is there part of the geopolitical landscape by that point. Which would create an interesting relationship of dependency on both the European powers and them with the indigenous.

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I just bookmarked this.

Anyway, I have to admit I was surprised that there’s a WIP based on this but that’s a good surprise! I like how we are able to be in the time before United States were founded and learn more about what went down in the history, and possibly make some major changes in this story. It will also help me get some perspective on what it would had been like for my Lakota ancestors during this time period.

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I’m super excited since I was literally just talking about using these games as an educational resource the other day! Can I ask what sources you’re using?

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I like how you put little test in your game

jry is back yes!!!, i’m so excited now yeah.

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I have to admit I don’t know much about the French-Indian War, outside that George Washington was involved as a General for the British…

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Knowing me, I will be screwing up the past. Will there be a save system?


should be a comma

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Sounds good we’ll have to see

I amended some spelling errors but it will be slow going adding substantive amounts.

Research: One impediment is that I do have to read and research, which half the fun for me. One big thing I discovered is how ethnically and culturally mixed the Six-Nations were by the mid-18th century. They had developed a complex relationship with the English.

American Figures… as depicted by a less-than-knowledgeable Canadian: I feel like I have a major historical deficit compared to to many casual American-historians when it comes to the revolutionary period. It’s all relative… but the revolutionary period happens to be a very popular and scrutinized by a large portion of the English speaking world. George Washington himself will be making a diplomatic mission to the Iroquois in Chapter 2… I better not slip up.My general tactic is to not delve into the core of the American revolution.

Historical Outcomes: The main focus is on the outcome for the Six Nations, and indigenous people in general, not the European wars. My general thoughts are I think proactive and brilliant leadership by an indigenous leader possibly could have improved the situation of indigenous people… but it will be very hard. The war of 1812, by it’s chronological nature, will have the most diverse outcomes.

Sources - One key book is
Alan Taylor, T_he Divided Ground: Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution_
And I need to get a hold of a few others; The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years War is on my reading list.


For a guy who’s a fan of Civ. I like this one.
Will bookmark this.

EDIT: I just aced the quizz. In a single playthrough


Great book for the complexity of indigenous relationships with European powers during the French Indian War
this is the southern theater the revolution but gives you all so great idea of those complex relationships the European powers have with the different tribes

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@jry I would have liked more info available on the stats screen, both on the world and my char. However, as one with a strong interest in early US history I will be following this.