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Question, if we were not able to understand Xiao withought the translator, how could the people from the past understand us? Or did I just miss when they explained that

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I think it’s like the Google translator that translates what he says and repeats it in other languages. I think it explains when you get to the past and try to communicate


Ya, I think it can work both ways, it is just more efficient if both people have translators, or maybe Xiao did not have one?

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I think it’s easier to translate than to speak the other language, that’s why Xiao did not speak English but she was layered and she had a translator


How dare you write so friggin well. I love your story. I really do. The spaceship? I was already thinking how much fun we’ll all have, and how a good team we’ll be, and then. Whoops, they’re dead. No joke, after I realized Xu didn’t have a head there was a blackout xD Didn’t have internet until the next day, but kinda gave me time to mourn I guess. That was such a good scene. I’ll miss them :cry:

Your dialogues are awesome. The fish thing, and Gillaume and Tonzo just. Them. I love them. The 12th century sees me as cautious and God-fearing and that’s probably how the 21th century sees me as well, and I just love it. I know this is not the best time in history to be Christian, but I kinda really like to be able to be that I guess. I kinda hope for red-haired bro to have a redemption arc (u know, saving his bro and stuff) but idk. I don’t really have an opinion on him. I just want Gillaume to be happy I guess :sweat_smile:

(Before I forget) On that scene where you can defend innocents, I choose to first dress up and then help them, but didn’t have the option to go and help them. Is that normal?

I’m rambling and I can’t English, I just wanted to tell you I really like your WIP and wish you the best


The translator lets you hear what others say in your own language. It’s a kind of Babel Fish which is very useful for an international crew of astronauts and also pretty handy if you happen to get accidentally hurled backwards through time!

The difficulty comes, as you say, when you want to say something to someone who doesn’t have an implant. In this case, you can ‘think aloud’ the words to yourself in your head and hear a translation in your audience’s language which you can then recite. I mention this briefly when you first talk to the looters but I’ve just realised that you can probably miss the relevant passage if you choose to push past them - I’ll go back and check.

@AdmirableAnimation Thanks! I’m thrilled that it all worked just as intended for you! The Tonzo and Guillaume scenes were some of the most fun to write so it’s great to know that they come across well.

You’re absolutely right - you should still be able to help them after dressing up. Thanks for catching that, I’ll straighten it out right away.


If have mech, i will be there.


I haven’t made it all the way through the teaser yet, but I gotta say, so far playing it is really stressful! In the best way possible, of course.

Curious about Isabella, but I don’t know the history nearly well enough to form an opinion, yet. I wish I could get my brother into IF, he’d get a kick out of this.

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This story has a great ‘feel’ to it, and I love the different take on the mechs!

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This is just a small thing and I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it above, it is not that big of a deal but ‘Cho’ is not exactly a Vietnamese last name. At least, not that I’m aware of, we do have a large variety of surnames. Anyway, I can come up with a few, that is definitely not Nguyen or Tran or Le if you want something new. For example: Vu, Trinh, Cao, Bui,…


@Reinaldo_Pimentel @Hazel @Zanite Thanks all!

@VPT Eek! You’re quite right, it’s a Korean name because she was originally Korean but I didn’t think to look for a new name when I switched to French/Vietnamese. It’s a really good catch and I’ll change it right away - I think I’ll go with Cao. Thanks!


UPDATE: I’ve added another chapter to the teaser because I think it answers many of the questions I’ve had so far, going into a little more depth about the story’s world. I’ve also implemented many of the changes previously suggested on this thread.


A typo and an error I spotted;

You missed this one when you changed the surname of Vivienne.

I chose to repair the hasp (my MC had high mechanics) and this appeared.

All in all, this is an interesting game and I hope to see this appear soon.

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Oops! Thanks very much - will sort those out right away.

I disagree with a code call you made and would like to bring it to your attention:

#No thank you, I don’t drink wine.
*set otherness %+5

This should not be unusual behavior if the PC is either Muslim or presenting as a Muslim.


I have a job as a mechanic, but the choice to help Ygraine with her mech doesn’t show up. Also how do you get 60 relationship points with her so she’ll talk to you in her tent?

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@Ramidel Yes, good point. My thinking during that scene was that Guillaume is trying to pass you off as one of his servants from Europe so they would be surprised for you to refuse wine. However, from the next chapter you’ll be able to actively identify as Muslim and your otherness score will still stand so you’re quite right, it’s better not to change it at that point. I’ll take that line out.

@No_This_Is_Patrick Hmmm, I’ll look into that. You should definitely get that option if you’re a mechanic. I’ve also realised that I took out two conversations with Ygraine from an earlier version that would have affected your relationship stat so you probably can’t now talk to her in the tent! I’ll change that too.

Thanks both - this is why I love feedback!


Actually, I’ve checked and you can speak to Ygraine in her tent. Some of the things you can do to build your relationship with her include… asking about her at dinner, not being too assertive in the conversation, praising her archon, standing beside her when Louis threatens her and offering to fix her archon. Some of these aren’t obvious enough, however, so I’ll work on flagging them up a little more explicitly.

Also, to help fix her archon you need to have first spotted that it has a gammy leg.

Ok I’ll try again thanks. Yup it worked!

So we start a relationship with it her at the of this chapter, when the full one is released? And next chapter we can become a knight?

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Yes, next chapter is when you can really establish yourself and start to make decisions concerning your archon, fief, aide, goals and potential relationships. Do you think perhaps it takes too long to get there? I’ve read it too many times myself to be sure how effective the pacing is…