Ironheart - Discussion Thread

No you can’t

Thanks for clearing that up

Would you be willing to except a sole (fish), and my Left Sole?

Is there any benefit of selecting archery as a hobby

Sorry to bother you but could I possibly get a more detailed explanation on how to contact the mongols

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To ensure you meet the Mongols, express a sympathy for the caliphate at the start of ch 3 then agree to meet with the spymaster when approached by the beggar. Then do everything he suggests throughout the game and you should get there at the end of the game. There are other ways but that’s the easiest route.

Also, the main benefit of archery is that it gives you a slight bonus when firing your archon’s ballista. There are also a couple of other occasions when it helps (off the top of my head: 2 shooting contests and one assassination).

Hope that helps!


Can anyone tell me who’s the princess and what faction she belongs to? Just got the game and haven’t progressed that far yet.
@Wiwyums Great work by the way. Definitely my favourite COG of 2020 till date.

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This is a seriously cool game you’ve got here, I love alternate history stuff caused by time travel; I do have one question, what effects the outcome of the last of the tournament brawls? regardless of what I’ve tried I’ve been unable to win it.


I haven’t seen anyone else post this but i had a slight inconsistency

I had to fight/kill Louis twice once in the trial by combat and then he reappeared somehow alive in the tourney God willed it I guess lol

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@Tuhin_Subhra_Maity The princess is Isabella and she’s with the Papacy. You’ll only meet her in chapter 8 and she won’t look twice at you unless you’re of high standing - she’s that kind of princess!

@Hiddendream In the final round of the tournament, you’ll need to be consistently fast and aggressive :wink: but you’ll still take damage after each pass so you’ll need to go in with as much armour as you can. You’ll heal a bit after prior rounds according to your mechanic skill. There are loads of other factors that affect how quickly you’ll be able to win the other fights, including weapons, pilot skill, player wounds and archon upgrades. If you last about 4 passes against the final opponent, you’ll win.

@sunny Thanks very much - I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! Btw, the most fun customisation options are probably those you get if your hobby is art or cosplay!

@tfahy96 Eek! No, Louis should definitely stay dead. If he’s found a way to ressurect himself, I’ll have to root it out and fix him! Thanks for the catch!


I really enjoy it so far.

I made a muslim character (change with my agnostics one when I create character in other games) and the french knight of Anjou (funny, I currently lived in Anger, Anjou’s capital) Guillaume is very curteous to my dear Roxane Kiana (yeah, Persan name).
It change agreably from what I can see on TV. Now, when a woman with a light veil pass on TV to speak about agricultur, the country roar of anger and fear, just because she is muslim. And with coronavirus, we have a rise of asian racism (yeah, it’s sad).

Time like this, I can’t say being proud to be french.

To see a proud and tolerant knight is really pleasing.

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Thank you. It was very important to me, especially in the current climate, to show the crusades as being a conflict not so much between two religions or cultures as between those who sought war (out of greed, fear or hatred) and those who strove instead for a peaceful resolution.

Researching the period, I was constantly inspired by examples of communication, tolerance and respect between Christians and Muslims. Many of the European nobles who settled in the east to found the Kingdom of Jerusalem had good relationships with their Muslim neighbours and were even frowned upon by newly-arrived crusaders for the extent to which they had adopted local customs, diets and fashions. Equally, many Muslim scholars were more interested in the opportunities to open new lines of conversation with the European newcomers than in fighting them. The period of the crusades is a long one and I think it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t constant warfare.


Middle age is very underestimated. It was far more tolerant and progressive than people imagine.
People had more right in middle age than in antiquity or renaissance. Women were also better considered and for religion, they knew that christian, muslim and jewish had the same god (just not same tradition).
They respected scientific progress and I think that Galilé theory would have had a better welcome in middle age than during renaissance period.

Noble weren’t as powerful than we imagine. Right of first night (droit de cuissage) was a myth and was severly punished. They are example of noble people severly punished by the law to have rape a peasant woman. They had a duty care over their people and mistreated them wasn’t some minor crime.
But yes, because of this duty care, people were to respect and serve them.


im having a hard time trying to be the anti-peace character.

I’ve played agnostic 3-4 times now, and a christian once…every time i was open about my belief.
All but one instance i ended up in peace through truce, only one time did i win the tourney against Richard
the one time i didn’t end in peace through truce i was trying for peace but failed. I met the assassin being nice that time earlier, also ratted him out to viv becuase viv is nice.
i seem to be failing the crusade war mongering attitude…i think i need to listen to some crusade music the next time i try to go for “war i monger it” route
one time i stupidly decided to defend when i was mostly damaged…oops
anyways i still need to be jewish, muslim, and atheistic.

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It would have been a bit better if we had the choice to actually be a knife in the shadows and also be able to crush all the three factions and carve out a hyper advanced godless civilization from the ashes.


I’m about to fall asleep but I just wanted to pop by and say your game is absolutely brilliant! Now that I’ve finished a bloodthirsty Christian, wandering Muslim doctor and peaceful Jewish playthroughs. I’m going to hunt down these mysterious achievements, starting with Return Tripper!

When I wake up tomorrow that is because I spent the past four hours playing this!

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@Drakeye I don’t mean to knock your confidence as a war-monger but peace should actually be the hardest outcome to achieve! :smiley: If you really want war, make sure you get close to the king/caliph and as many nobles/priests as you can and counsel them all to press for war. Or side with the Old Man and watch the world burn… Thanks for playing! It’s so gratifying to hear that some players like it enough to reward repeated playthroughs.

@jaysen_shah I’m afraid you can’t quite do that but you can side with the atheist Mongols if you seek out the Old Man of the Mountain. There is a way you can end up ruling entirely and being more or less in control of the future of civilisation…

@Verdancer Wow, thank you! If you want a hint for that achievement, pay attention to what happens to your pod and seek out the Old Man of the Mountain. PS - Neither the author nor Choice of Games or any of its affiliates can take responsibility for any loss of sleep resulting from the consumption of this interactive fiction. :wink:


Thanks for being so responsive. I actually loved the game and I will be waiting eagerly for your future collaborations with choice of games.


You’re welcome - glad you enjoyed it!