Iroas Legase - The Hero's Legacy [WIP] [Currently on remake...]

There was a legend.
It was a day that mankind could not forget. The day he descended.
No one knew where he came from, but he came here and wiped out almost everything. More than half of the world was destroyed and monsters were born everywhere, even the sky was filled with a terrifying red color of blood from whom he slew.
Humans called him the Demon King.
Because they want a Hero who will appear and slay him.

The Hero who is chosen to die with the Demon King.

After that, the Hero rests in Heaven.
Then the First Hero comes to visit and gives a mission: take back the weapon used to slay the Demon King from the hand of the Granchars Clan.
“We need Athasach, and we also need you - its rightful master.”
“You have to be the one to get it back, that way things won’t go to disaster.”
The Hero is reborn as the Fourth Heir of the Lechiofrax empire.
Thus a new legend begins.

First, please read all of this carefully (you know why I decided to put the demo link at the bottom). So you don’t waste your time complaining (or asking me any unnecessary questions) and live longer with more awesome WIP out there.

What you shouldn’t expect

  1. Blank state PC with full customization for you to self-insert

  2. Husbando/Male love interests.

  3. Gender-inclusive and nonbinary option.

  4. Harem

What you can expect

  1. A semi-set/complex protagonist: if you’re a fan of Fallen Hero or ITFO PCs then you may like this. (But unlike those two, you can’t custom PC appearance thought…)

  2. Waifus and bromance (or sismance too?).

  3. Gender matter system that won’t annoy you and increase replayability.

Summary but it's shorter

Long story short: you died, then you’re reincarnated into an imperial heir of an empire to take back the weapon you used to slay the Demon King.

Except, things are not so simple as that…

Our heroines

Three main characters whose fate will be intertwined with you depending on the choice you make.

The Sword of Promised Future
Cursed by swords, live by swords, and die by swords.

The girl had seen the end of the world so many times that she could count it in infinity.
Swords devour her, her bones are blades, and they pierce her flesh from within. It really hurts, no?
She keeps thinking about the end of the world even as her mind turns into steel.

“Your shadow gets in the way of my light.”

The Maiden Nurtured By Pain
A peerless sinner or a salvation maiden.

For her sins, she will be forever cursed and abandoned by all creations.
She must die. But she had died so many times, how many more times does she have to die? Can people be satisfied?

“If it’s not you, I can hurt anyone in the name of justice.”

The Key of Apocalypse and Hope
Her death was stolen, and she has lived longer than the gods.

“What is the definition of ‘live’?” asked the little gray wolf innocently. But no one can answer.
Blood. Blood splashes on face and hair. Blood flows out of her body. Losing too much blood will die, but the little wolf doesn’t care.
She wasn’t created to die.

“Such a destiny was not desired.”

Who are you?

“I am a great hero and a lowly heretic.”
For everyone in the past, you was the heretic destined to die with the Demon King.
For everyone in this time, you’re the Hero who died to save the world.
For the Champions, you’re the Envoy sent by True Mother.
For the gods, you’re Queen of Pride’s child.
For some strange people, you are called “The One Who Never Gets Mercy”.
You were the last of Vagifrosto, an ancient tribe that lived on the cold South continent. Now you’re supposed to be the ancestor of the Granchars Clan.

Gameplay features:

Mask system

Yeah so when in your “royal mode” people will have impression what kind of prince/princess you are, that’s gonna affect many things like: reputation, the way everyone treat and think about you, etc…

For example, if you are a princess that has high masculine stat girls will find you cool and may go fangirling when see you. And vice versa (prince with high feminine), boys will ask themselves if they’re gay- cough


As the title suggest. People will treat you and stereotypes will be applied to you based on your gender, of course you can break it.

One “small” thing, as I said before about you can’t custom PC appearance: M!PC and F!PC will have different appearance. And this not just their height or weight.


Three routes, three heroines and each route represent different ideals, kinda like visual novel Fate/stay night if you ask me.

Based on your choices, at one point you will be locked in one of three routes. From there on your actions, relationship with the heroine and some important characters will decide what ending you will get.

Mental heath?

I don’t know if it’s a right word, but there is a stat bar that you need to balance. If you somehow fucked up that stat it will change your Hero along with the ending. Mostly lead you to bad ending.

DEMO: Iroas Legase (Ver 1.0, the old prologue)

Current word count (excluding code): ~15.000 and bonus ~5.000 from stat screen

Synopsis for each chapter
  • Prologue
    • A talk with The First
    • Arguing with Ius - The First’s Sacred Gear (didn’t finish yet)
    • The reborn scene
    • Introducing other important characters
What to expect in the next chapter/update
  • New prologue
  • Half of chapter I: Unholy White, the chapter will focus on the Maiden.


Q: Why role-playing?
A: I don’t like self-insert too much, if I write amazing characters with interesting building and development but not the PC it feels like… not equal. I want to use sympathy to connect the player and the PC. And since we have the same PC, you can enjoy the fanwork and artwork of the PC together and don’t have to worry about the weird feeling of seeing your waifu husbando lovey-dovey with a stranger :v. Last, I don’t want to deal with the “my MC would blah blah” stuff, I can’t please everyone you know?

Q: Do we have any romance here?
A: You really ask me that after I told you there’re three heroines in this game? Oh well: this is a story about love, but not all about romance.

Q: Is it important to lock the gender of the heroine?
A: I’m surprised it’s even a question. But I anticipate it will be asked so better get things clear now.
It’s important because I want it to be. Look, I suggest you do not ask this question to any other author if you are not even their target audience (because it’s considered rude). It’s like you ask in an all girl anime why they make all character girls.

Q: Also a big no-no for poly and harem?
A: Because I don’t like it enough.
Also since the whole game is one route one heroine I can’t think of anyway to write it. I don’t mind coding but writing quality content that fit is the problem.

Q: Is this a standalone game or a series?
A: This will be a big standalone game bless me it’s three routes I’m gonna die since I want to finish this in one go and continue with other ideas.


when it changed to the black background it hurts my eyes to try and read it, is there a way you can put in the stats page to change to it back to the original?? I’m sorry


I love the description but I’m probably going to wait till the next update before I actually play it.


Congrats on posting your first WIP! The premise seems very interesting but I’ll admit a lot was thrown at the reader in the first few pages without much context making it a bit confusing to keep up. Like who is “The First?” I got the vibe she was a priestess or something

I also found the pacing kinda rushed. First we’re reading an account of a different hero then we cut to a description of frozen village with a nameless queen then the conversation with the first. Everything happened a bit too quickly to get a general vibe for the story.

All in all this is a solid start, with some polishing I don’t doubt this will turn out to be an enjoyable read.


Oi there @Penguin_Dokutah it was an interesting idea and it’s nice but it’s all over the place.


I THINK it was supposed to be the first ever hero?.. Maybe. I don’t know. I got that idea.

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Just some grammar mistakes


Soooo confusing. I don’t follow the dialogue at all. What is happening and who am I? You got me all f’d up


Like I said @Penguin_Dokutah it’s all over the place, not that confusing but it’s making the immersion waaaay too hard. It takes too much to actually enjoy the work.


Lol I think you might be thinking of another wip with that response. :smiley:

@AntPat in this one your the archer hero being reborn to recover your weapons from being misused and save the world from what I can gather or not save it.

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Oh Devils… Thanks for reminding me. Mind is barely functioning cause of lack of sleep :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


I really need to get some sleep at least so I don’t mix reality and fantasy next :joy_cat::smiling_imp::smirk_cat:. I can barely type properly anymore.


To bed with ye you stubborn scallywag :: Snickers ::


You have 25 characters listed under the cast. I would highly suggest trimming this down if you want a simple project. Maybe mention a faction in a lore sense but don’t give the player interaction with them? I would probably cut down on the royal family too because those seem like important characters to juggle and there are a fair bit of them. Consider taking your ideas for the 2 brothers and inputting them into one character instead?


All right, after taking a day off to get enough sleep. I can finally get in there.

No, I should say sorry. I just made an option to turn on or turn off the “visual effect” so your eyes should be ok now.

Yeah, after I read the other comments, you just made the right decision.

I will fix it right away :ok_hand:

Thank you for such helpful feedback! I knew something is off but couldn’t find it. I’ll add more info and take it slow in the next update :wink:
Also, you can read more about The First in the codex I put on the stat screen. Even though I advise you not to believe it 100% since it’s based on The Envoy aka PC’s knowledge and will change as the story progresses.

Thanks! I will take your advice (not the brothers though, I got specific roles for them and merging them maybe will get more trouble than it’s worth)
And about “simple” this project is much simpler compared to the first one I was planning to post :smiley:

After I post this one I got really anxious that I thought maybe I couldn’t read the feedback, but in reality, reading you guys’ feedback really give me the motivation to work on this WIP.
I can see that the WIP problem is the “immersion” and the fast tempo. I can anticipate the immersion since I chose “role-play” - which is harder than “self-insert” path, but this won’t be a justification for my failure. I’ll fix this problem in the next 1.2 update.
Thank all of you for giving this one your attention among a thousand other works :penguin: :ok_hand:


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