Invalid Expression, couldn't extract another token

My code is as follows:-
#I have noticed a large number of students are involved in some form of martial training or the other. That does sound rather interesting to me.
*set weapon_have 1
*set weapon_skill “basic”.
*set strength +10
*set agility +10

The game crashes on *set weapon_skill “basic”.. Any ideas?

An unrelated bug:-
My opposed stats seem to not be functioning so well. My code is as follows:-
opposed_pair idealism
opposed_pair Ruthlessness

The idealism cynicism pair works properly but the game seems to have trouble processing “ruthlessness” and this is the result

Any help?
PS: I have checked for solutions on similar threads but was unable to get anything from them.

Is there a dot after this in the original file, if so try deleting that.

My first try would be coding it in the following way;

  opposed_pair idealism
  opposed_pair ruthlessness

First thing you write after opposed_pair (variable) is the first text you want to show up, then below that is the second. And you might wanna check if you have the variable “ruthlessness” created.

You should check this section in wiki if you want to know more about opposed pairs.


Opposed pairs can be coded in two ways. The first is:

  opposed_pair X

…Where X is a variable, and X and Y are displayed as the opposed traits. This is what you seem to be trying to do—successfully, in the idealism/cynicism case. The other way opposed pairs can be coded is:

  opposed_pair X

…Where X is the variable, but Y and Z are displayed as the opposed traits.

I believe your issue is that you have an extra indented line under Compassion (your Y) that your code is interpreting as a second element (an unintended Z)—except Z, in your case, is a blank space. This is why Compassion has become your opposed pair’s first trait (instead of the second, as you’re intending) and the second half of the bar is just blank.

Try clicking on the blank line between your opposed pairs and your “skills and proficiencies” section, and making sure you don’t have indents/spaces there; if you do, delete them. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can also just code it the way @needs-to-be-loved has suggested, and that should work just as well.

As for your other issue, I believe needs-to-be-loved is correct that you’ve added an extra period where one oughtn’t be.


Let me see your *create list. It appears to me you have the variable [Compassion] rather [Ruthlesness].

And, yes, there shouldn’t be a dot in this line.

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Thanks a lot for helping everyone! I managed to get it working. I cannot believe I failed to notice that period.

@CorvusWitchcraft yes there was an indented blank line. Really appreciate it!

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