Interest check on possible boxing game

i’ve been working on a Rocky/Southpaw like boxing game. To sum it up it’ll basically be a starting-from-the bottom type game. and depending on your choices you could become the undefeated light/middle/heavy weight champion of the world or end up as one of the biggest disgrace in boxing history. Just wondering if people are actually interested in this. Thanks! -an unknown writer


There seems to be a decent interest in sports themed games around.
If Fielder’s Choice (sorry) has shown something, then that it won’t do to bury the reader under game terms and chance-based fights, leaving people unfamiliar stranded.
Look at Slammed! in comparison which still is regarded as one of the best games in the library.

Maybe play both to get a feeling for things?


If it’s interesting to you, then write it. :slight_smile:

@Alan_Grajeda while I like the idea, @MeltingPenguins brings up a great point. While I haven’t played Fielder’s Choice, it won’t do to bury readers a ton of exposition and terms that they may be unfamiliar with. If you have to add those terms, make it flow with the story.

Slammed! is a very good game to look at. I know some wrestling but not much, but still Slammed! managed to really draw me in, despite my general interest in wrestling being gone.

i actually thought of that when i read Fielder’s choice. so i actually revamped what i had to be easier for people who dont know the terms. Slammed actually inspired me to actually start writing and i’ve invested a lot of money in buying choice games and hosted games to see what people like and what would be the most enjoyable experience for players.

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I’d play the game, It sounds interesting

You have to make sure to add something like say, a guide or just a simple explanation of the boxing terms for those that doesn’t know boxing. There is a reason why Slammed! did well while Fielder’s Choice did not. Slammed! actually took time to explain some of the stuff that goes on in the professional wrestling business while FC’s didn’t. But there is a interest from the readers that there should be more sports games at the moment so go for it.

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Actually that would be nice but as others mentioned, you need to be careful about terms and such.

An 8-bit game called “Punch Club” has a skill tree in it that might be of a huge help. It’s basically an rpg where you start from the bottom and follow your fathers step—or work towards self-destruction(referring to Fight Club). Or even become a super hero!

It’s a great game to get inspiration and it would make a great CYOA game without even any changes. I don’t say go and steal it, but i’m sure it will help a lot to clarify things. Also it’s available on cross platforms such as mobile(playstore/appstore), ps4, nintendo etc.

ok this seems like a promo but i’m telling you, it just fits perfectly to the situation :slight_smile:

I’d be into it, but I wonder- would you let the players choose their gender still? It’s a common thing in Boxing to restrict opponents by gender because of the common prejudices about men vs. women when it comes to fighting (not going into the reasons for them). I have enjoyed both Male and Female-centered Boxing movies (Rocky, Southpaw, Raging Bull vs. Girlfight, Million Dollar Baby)- I would enjoy a Boxing CofG with either gender as protagonist. Maybe handle it like Choice of Broadsides or Pendragon Rising where choosing your gender also selects the gender of all the enemies you fight (but possibly still allow Romances with, sparring with & being coached by the opposite gender for realism). Or do underground fights against the opposite gender opponents. Or make all the fights open gender (might be fair in some worlds), smoothing over or not addressing the politics inherent in that? I haven’t played Slammed (need to), so I don’t know how this was handled in that game.

yes my dude you get to choose your gender as well as the gender of your trainor and you’ll get the option of training with either gender, but because i would rather avoid a gender war, the gender you choose will determine the gender of your opponents. those who choose to be gender ambiguous will be given the choice of what gender they prefer to fight but once they choose it’ll be locked. if people keep telling me that they would like to be able to fight both genders then i’ll work it in. and yes in this game you will have the chance to romance any gender ro you please

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That works for me, thanks. I think the only realistic way to allow mixed gender fights would be for them to be underground- I know from personal experience that it is possible for a small skilled fighter to defeat a large tough fighter and vice versa, but they don’t commonly address the politics of that in official Boxing and thus it doesn’t happen often among opposite genders. It is realistic to create and fight an official succession of opponents of either gender of varying strengths and skills.

I think individualized sports will do better as IF than team based games in general. Wrestling is 1v1 Baseball is 9v9 so it is hard to make the MC the sole factor in the teams success. Thus it feels like you have less control. And while boxing does have some sport specific terms, I think it is easier to explain those terms than it would be for baseball, football, soccer, or basketball. At least soccer(football to the rest of the world) and basketball are international sports so most people will at least be familiar with them.

The biggest issue I had with Fielder’s Choice was the RNG that was in the game, it made so that your choices sometimes didn’t matter and that to me is the only really big NO-NO in IF. Terms can be explained if done properly but RNG is RNG and there isn’t much that you can do if the RNG gods hate you.


if this project gets enough support i’ll see that it’s set in the future and you’ll get to choose whether you prefer to fight same gender or both gender opponents

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Amen. RNGs suck. Then again, one does want to make some sporting challenges realistic and luck-based to some degree. It’s not that satisfying to just overwhelm the Champion with your Maxed skills. Maybe having a tier of opponents where a certain Skill Level gets you a win regardless, as does choosing to go after a character’s weakness if they have one and you know about it (example you learn Glass Joe or Jill has a Glass Jaw), but as you go up the ranks certain opponents need both skill and luck to take down to some degree. But if you do this, I recommend you make the Ultimate Champion a Noble type who honors you somehow just for getting to them. That way the fight is satisfying even if you lose. If they’re a jackass who mocks you if you lose and victory’s based on luck more than skill, you’re going to get a lot of upset players.

i plan to make this game so that your choices do matter. Stats will determine what happens in a match and proficiency in said stats will determine how the game progresses

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Well make it so a player has to spend time studying fights in order to learn a fighters weakness, but they may leave them short on training time, versus just training and throwing random punches looking for a weakness, but potentially be trained enough to overcome nearly any challenge. Also making it so that a weakness can’t be exploited over and over again, and that no matter how much you train there will be some strengths the other fighter has that you just can’t overcome with pure training.

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My dude I plan to make it realistic. How you train and study other fighters will matter. That’s why its a game of choice

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Your plan works for me too- and it’s probably easier to code. But make sure of three things-

  1. Your writing conveys the climaxes of the successive battles. Even if we meet the Champion with maxed Skills able to defeat them, it should still feel like a tough fight.

  2. Make it satisfying to get that far even if we lose. It’s acceptable to be mocked by a low tier opponent who defeats you but not a high tier opponent. Unless of course you’re going for someone fans will love to hate, in which case go nuts. There are some real life champions who were the mocking type, and Rocky fought both Apollo Creed (noble) and Ivan Drago (mocking).

  3. This is most important- put in varied ways to win. If it’s an interactive game, we need to develop different Stats as the key to victory. Taking down early opponents with certain levels of just one of Strength, Speed, and Skill (or whatever your Stat names are) is fine. Later opponents should require multiple high Stats and the right choices to use them. Something like the Demon Realm Fights in Lost Heir 3 where you need high Blades to use a Sword successfully, high Arcana to get the attack angles right, high Agility to keep your balance in the fights against multiple powerful opponents, high Endurance to stay on your feet, etc. If you’ll permit me an example-

You are fighting the Champion. He/She comes at you hard and strong. On the first rouhd, you…

  1. Outlast the Champ by absorbing and blocking their blows (needs high Endurance or Skill).
  2. Dodge the vast majority of the Champ’s blows (needs high Agility).
  3. Hit the Champ hard and often, preventing him/her from hitting you (needs high Strength and Skill).
  4. Taunt the Champ a lot during the fight to keep them off balance (needs high Charisma).
  5. Fail and go down.

Succeeding at a Stat check does not beat the Champ. It just brings you to Round 2 where the Champ starts to get tired. Here you can-

  1. Hit the Champ hard while you have the chance (needs high Strength and Skill).
  2. Back off and recover (needs no Skill, but a good idea).
  3. Taunt the Champ in an attempt to get him/her to resume attacking and possibly get more fatigued (needs high Charisma, also needs high Agility or Endurance to dodge or absorb a sudden resumed heavy attack pattern).

If you survive this round, you learn [gasp] that the Champ was roping a dope and faking their fatigue as they come at you really hard and fast more so than before. Here we have the same choices as Round 1, only they need higher Skill Levels. And maybe after this round, if we can survive, we can beat the Champ.

If you already have something like this planned, great! I look forward to it. Amen to realism, but maintain climax and challenge for obvious reasons. :smiley:

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You are going places my friend. If I require assistance I’ll make sure to come to you cus you like me likes a good interactive game

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Anyways there’s going to be a big choice that will determine how hard or easy the game will be. In this game you will get to choose what type of boxer you’ll be.
1.slugger-can take a beating and deliver one too. Is predictable and slow (out-boxer)

2.swarmer- delivers a shit load of punches and take an average amount of strong blows. Has to get in close to be effective and a strong enough opponent can take them out. (Slugger)

Out-boxer- is fast and smart and takes advantage of opponent’s mistakes to cause damage. Can’t really hit that hard and a faster opponent can overwhelm them.(swarmers)

Then there’s the optional style Southpaw. That can either be your main or it can be learned later in the game. This style can be used by any type boxer and is mostly a style to confuse off opponents

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