Interactive Images?

I was looking at Alter Ego which was recreated and updated using choice script. The author had various events you could choose from. The way you would go to those events would be by touching the icon for that event. I was wondering how I would be to implement that in my wip. Is it as simple as embedding a goto command into an image? (Which I do not know how to do)

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No–pretty sure that’s no part of standard ChoiceScript. Dan must have coded Alter Ego differently to fit the original design.

If you asking him nicely, he might give you the mod. :wink:

It’s written in a way that’s totally specific to Alter Ego; it would require a lot of work to put it in a shape that would be usable by others. I don’t anticipate working on this any time soon, if ever.


So interactive images won’t be a thing? Crap.