Inquiry about various physical tells, and how best to implement them for the PC

So I’m planning on implementing something where the PC will do a specific action when they get nervous, running fingers through your hair, tapping the opposite wrist, something like that. However, I’m not quite sure the best way to implement it. Right now I have it set up as there are four separate actions, chosen relatively early in the game, and depending on which you choose it turns a variable true which then triggers. that action when you’re nervous. I’m just curious about if there’s a better way to do that? The reason I said it up the way I did, it’s because depending on how much I want to implement it, having it as a string variable wouldn’t work as well since it wouldn’t just be in that one setting, thus at some point it would look grammatically incorrect, so yeah.
Like for example if your towel was that you run your fingers through your hair, if I set it up as, he runs his fingers through his hair, as a string then depending on how much are implemented it at some point that would be a situation where that particular set of words would not really make sense.

I thin you can use the Multireplace code option.


Feeling nervous, I @{(code = 2) run my fingers through my hair|tap my wrist unconsciously} as I fidget anxiously while awaiting Mark’s arrival.


Do you need to put the text in every time, or just the once?

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