Past Choice Effects


I’ve looked and I’ve already read the tutorials but can’t seem to find the solution to my problem. So can anyone help me with the code you use when you want to set a consequence for a past choice that was made. I think it would be this one but I’m not quite sure: *if (var1 > 10) or (var2 > 20)

Ex. In Chapter One you can choose to punch the kid next door or leave him alone. In Chapter Two if you punched him then so and so happens.


Well this just my example but someone could give you a better one lols.

For the start up
*create punch_kid false

In chapter one
#You punched the kid next door
*set punch_kid true
#Feeling pity you leave the kid alone.

Blah blah blah txt

In chapter two
*if (punch_kid)
The kid you’ve punched is scared of you.

*if not (punch_kid)
The kid you didn’t hurt seems to think highly of you.


If you have everything in one text file, then you can do it like this:

At the very top of your file, you can post…
*temp punched_kid false

So far, you have not punched the kid.

#Punch the kid
*temp punched_kid true
You decided to Punch the kid.
#Don’t punch the kid.
You decided to not Punch the kid.
(Here, the first *temp variable does not Change; you did not hurt him.)

(Lots of text here from your game)

Now you come to the part where your Actions have consequences.
*if {punched_kid = true}
The kid is scared of you.
*if {punched_kid != true}
The kid likes you. (or something like that)

Though the *temp commands only work if everything is in one single file. If you have two, it won’t remember if you had *temp commands in the previous file.
For that, I would use permanent variables. Just Change the *temp to *set and create in the Startup file a *create variable.