Inigo: "Hello," says the new writer


Looks like Dawn of Aquilas pretty much won this election. Interestingly enough, it’s the setting with which I have the least amount of prepared material for, haha. Makes for a better challenge that way, anyway.

In any case, here’s the WIP thread for DoA: Clickety click.

Greetings all! I’m a bit new, and I’ve been meaning to add work to the WIP section of the forums, for eventual submission to Hosted Games. However, I’ve hit a bit of an impasse. I have three works I’d like to build, and every time I get through a few thousand words in one, I get inspiration to build on a different one and switch. At this rate, none will get done. I believe what I need is focus. So, I figured I’d ask you guys for your input. All three will definitely come in time, but I figured it was more in line with the spirit of the medium to leave the choice up to you.

Here are the basic overviews of each one:
Fangs of the Jade Serpent. You’re the First Blade of the Jade Serpent Clan, and answer only to your liege, Lord Takahara. You’ve been tasked to enact his ambitious plan to unite the country and save it from the terrible civil war that plagues it. While you do this, you must also fend off your enemies’ armies, manage the prosperity of your fiefdom, and prevent a tengu uprising. It’s inspired by the Sengoku Jidai period of feudal Japan, but with sorcery added in.
Dawn of Aquilas. You’re one of the Elite Praetorian Guard sworn to uphold the Patron’s Word in Megalopolis Umbra, one of the few bastions of civilizations that remains in an otherwise inhospitable wasteland of a planet. The citizens, tired of the corruption of the upper classes have begun to stir a revolt, and it’s your destiny to fan the flames or quash insurrection. This one is a dystopian cyberpunk laden with classic Roman imperialism.
The Eclipse Perilous. You’re a highly accomplished Bright Engineer stationed aboard the HMS Galahad, currently flying high above Oceana Farwest. You’re excited to study and observe a truly rare scientific event that occurs once every thousand years: the Eclipse Perilous. However, on the night of the eclipse’s apex, darkness descends, and the screams of terror and pain fill the passageways around you. Maddening horrors assault you at every turn as you desperately try to survive until the light breaks. This one is going to be a steampunk survival horror flavored with Arthurian legend.

So which one would you prefer to play through first?

  • Fangs of the Jade Serpent
  • Dawn of Aquilas
  • The Eclipse Perilous

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TEP sounds absolutely amazing. I love the idea of DoA, though.


You had me at steampunk survival horror! :heart_eyes:


Call me biased on this, but this place could definitely use with more interpretations on how to represent governing a fiefdom within interactive stories.

Whichever you end up starting with I hope you the best and hope you push through to the finish. All of those stories sound great and right up my alley as something I’d read.


My vote goes to Dawn of Aquilas. We need more cyberpunk games, and we already have a series based on feudal Japan.


Agreed. (+20). (+20 more. Haha. Sorry).


Everyone’s over here talking about games when a dude named @inigo shows up saying, “Hello”, and I’m over here looking for the six-fingered man…


Looking at the results, we’ve been deeply unhelpful. Welcome to democracy.


Yeah sorry with my vote the two top picks have evened out exactly lol. I really like the idea of one of the last two (I voted aquilas but eclipse sounds great too.) Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @inigo - there are many history buffs here so if you base your worlds on things like feudal Japan or Roman Imperialism you’ll get a large following. As a student of the ERE in particular, if there is any help i can offer, let me know.


Is it bad to admit I like all of those premises? I can sympathize you’re finding it hard to stick to one. I like the Jade one a little more though.


Roman themed cyberpunk story? Dawn of Aquilas sounds great.


Hm, this is hard to decide. I don’t like horror games as a general rule but on the other hand a horror game where you could actually make meaningful choice that could result in characters not dying would be really cool. I like the other two concepts more just by default but I’m not sure which to choose.


Thanks for the super warm welcome! I see Aquilas is currently the leader, so I’ll definitely head in that direction. In the next couple of days, I’ll make a more official thread in the WIP section for whichever one is in the lead. And I’ll try my best to get a Prologue chapter out as soon as I can.

Until then, though… I’m still relatively new to the CoG stories and community and would love to hear about your favorites, your own projects, or even just thoughts/tips on ChoiceScript itself.


Ah, the problem of too many ideas floating through one’s head! (I think at least half of us, if not all, must have the same problem). Anyway, voted for Dawn of Aquilas!