Indefinite Hiatus. The Amberwood Series (WIP) (Read Post 409)

Thank you, and I did! Except when I got frustrated. :laughing:


I like it! :slight_smile:

I ran across this, I don’t know if this is the end or a bug.




Fixed! It’s a bug, but taken care of now^^


Hey, you, here’s some friendly bullying to make you stop apologizing about your writing! I genuinely love the way you write. I’ve reread the WIP twice now, and I like the life you bring to your words through the world building and characterization. Your work is really well done! I can’t wait to read more. I can’t get enough of the characters, especially the relationship between the MC and their mother. There’s a lot of depth here, and I’m excited to see where you’ll take it.


I was so confused at first, I had to read the first few words a thousand times until I understood oml. Thank you for the wonderful words though! I can’t help but apologize at this point, I feel my writing is such rubbish. Like, I know I’m decent but I also have an awful habit of comparing anything I do to others;; This made my week for sure!


Boi, I swear, if u don’t give your work the love it deserves when it is much, MUCH, better and original than many other modern-fantasy on this platform… (and I mean, like, the 80% of them)


Chuuu chuuu here’s comes the bug trainproduct-250x250

  1. the last sentences before the choice repeats everytime after choice(question)
  2. ask is repeated, but looks kinda wrong? I dunno
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They should be fixed now. I was trying to have it so it only repeated “Ask me anything.” or “Ask away.” but eh, not a big deal! As long as it works, right? Bout to upgrade to VIP on the bug train at this rate. :laughing:
@Vofademp oml :joy: Like I said, I know I’m decent, and have so much to work on (like descriptions are me greatest writing weakness), but thank you! Still- have you heard of Wayhaven, because–?

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There’s nothing wrong with a few errors when you’re just starting out. You won’t learn how to do better if you don’t make a single mistake. Having room to grow is a way to measure the fulfillment of your experience. :hugs:

Now, rather than calling this a mistake, I’d recommend a simple change to the end of that descriptive sentence so you don’t have to use your replace function. Instead of having “as mc” at the end, just put the period after the word house, as that is still a full/proper sentence that wouldn’t cause any amount of confusion if it cuts there. :wink:


I…I’m genuinely surprised at this suggestion. Why did I not think of this. I’m??? Thank you-:sob:

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I’ve not read this yet (soooo much to do, sooo little time) but here are some things I keep in mind myself when creating stuff:

  1. It is better to try and fail than to never try at all
  2. You cannot learn without failing, so look forward to your failures and what they will teach you.

I loved the demo :heart_eyes: Though I have a question: Is the list of ROs final? Because it would be great to have an RO from each species or something. Also, I kinda liked Tae. Nonetheless, your writing is great and I immensely enjoyed it! Good luck with your work! :smile:

Oh! One more thing. When Cassius was talking to MC’s parents, there were things such as {sondaughter} and {hisher}.

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I really enjoyed this and look forward to when you introduce Ileana.

Gotta love an alluring vampire love interest.

I really enjoyed reading it…until I got to I'm not nearly as good with my left hand. :anguished::disappointed::tired_face: As someone who’s left handed, that completely threw me out of the story, especially considering that the narrative is in first person. Would it be possible to, if not choose our dominant hand, than at least have it be ambiguous?:pleading_face:

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You had me at fae. Your writing is very enjoyable, the descriptions are well done, the characters are interesting and I’m looking forward to learning more about Nyx and Cassius (a rarity as I’m not usually interested in the more stoic and broody characters), and of course I’m looking forward to meeting the rest, especially Cain :grin: The story itself is engaging, can’t wait to find out what happens next

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So far, the list is final. I (personally) don’t like a lot of LIs/ROs, but I’m open to the list growing. It’s a work in progress :laughing: Thank you, and I fixed the issues!

@WhiteWolf Thank you^^ She won’t be introduced for a while yet, so I hope you’re patient.

@stormwitch Oh, I didn’t consider that! I’ll take it out and be it be ambiguous. I forgot, lefties are barely considered in the real world;; I got respect for ya’ll, I really do.

@Minnaloushe Everyone loves a Fae :eyes: I don’t plan on Nyx being brooding for the sake of brooding, just like Cassius isn’t stoic for the sake of being stoic. Thank you very much!


I may be wrong, but I think that our buddy @PrismaticSpace here tried just a liiiitle bit to foreshadow us that the MC will absolutely suffer physically and mentally like a fucking stray dog in the near future of the book, didn’t he?

Anyway keep up with the great work

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Shit, I’ve been caught. :upside_down_face:


few hours ago this wasnt there