In which game did you play your favorite MC's ?

The MC in Demon: Recollect. She was very flirtatious, but brutal at the same time.

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Interesting that ‘Which is your favourite MC?’ was merged into this topic, they aren’t exactly the same question. An MC is created as an appealing but fairly flexible template by the writer, and the readers can interpret, or even add to, the character in any way (though it should be remembered that the author does the most work).

I believe the only COG/HG stories where I usually MCs from whole cloth (rather than basing them on characters from books/games/anime), were Robots, Eagle’s Heir, Grand Tournament and Versus, since the MC’s backgrounds were so clearly drawn. In fact the Versus MC had such a specific and unusual background I think the game would have been much better as a novel. Anyway, I suppose that makes Isaac Goldberg from Robots and Victor St Elme from Eagle’s Heir my favourite original MCs. Though the Tally Ho MC is also very good; the game’s duel focus on his role as a servant and his personal destiny is very effective. I’d say good MCs really come from good settings. .

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I can’t help but disagree with the criticism about the unknown backstory. I see it as a blank space roughly described as “some messed up past”. And the thing with roughly described blank spaces in fiction/interactive fiction is - the reader can fill them up. In this case reader can place their own messed up past in there and better identify with the MC. In particular when the story is about a ‘revenge’ (or redemption) from villain’s pov it is a fair wager that most readers will have something to fill that blank space with. :wink:

Needless to say Fallen hero is my pick for this thread. In fact it is the only time I was ever able to truly identify with the MC in fiction/interactive fiction and I’m quite a prolific reader.

Also XoR was good in that regard. In the first readthrough/playthrough you could really feel the tragedy, hopelessness and pressure on the MC. I really like realism in my fiction and XoR was perfect in that department, which made the mc (and other characters) feel like beings of flesh and blood, not cardboard cutouts.

My favorite MC’s from finished games.
1.Fallen Hero:Rebirth

From WIP’s (So much harder. I could list dozens)
2.Monsters of New Haven High (Bonus points for having multiple MC’s that I love)
3.Abysm’s Veil

Honorable mentions to Donor, The Fallen Divine, SoS, Children of the Gods, Freak:Amidst the Neon Lights, Good Intentions, and on and on…Omg the Myrmidon!

Ahh I have to stop now.


Most likely already mentioned multiple times, but Fallen Hero is one of the most immersive headspaces I’ve been in, allowing me to get my anti-villain softie thing in one run and be a cold bastard in another. Allowing me to feel free to make my own path, while still having the thoughts and motivations a legit person would in either case.

The Shadow Society allowed me to roleplay as, essentially, myself, WITHOUT hating it which was nice. I could have a panic attack or say something stupid and still progress.

Way Walkers and Guenevere are my honorable mention for being able to play a unique mc, but I haven’t played every cog so it’s a biased list.