Imminent Threat WIP (Updated 5/26/17)



Imminent Threat - a political/military fiction ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story developed in choicescript.

The story of Imminent Threat features an alternate modern United States of America, very similar to but not quite the same as our own, plagued by the threat of rampant terrorism - both foreign and domestic. You play as a highly-customizable character in the role of someone who is both a suspect of a terrorist attack and one asked by the desperate Counter-Terrorism Bureau (CTB) to help solve the mystery behind the event and stop it from happening again. Your choices will affect the outcome of the story. Will you find the one who did this? Will you stop them? The choice is up to you. Just remember never to let your guard down; there is always an imminent threat.

A key idea of this story is to question who actually is a terrorist. Many governments have lists or groups and people that they associate with terrorism. How many of these listed are true threats, and how many of them are political enemies? How many people and groups have a government purposefully left off of the list because it served their own political agendas? Why do terrorists do what they do, and do they ever have a point in their message? How do we stop them from committing acts of violence? These are all important questions to ask in this story, but far more so in our real world. Just remember that violence against innocent people is never okay and that we should not be complicit when it happens in our world that we share.

I will try to update the demo as much as I can, and as life allows. Thank you for your understanding.


Feedback is welcome, appreciated, and requested! Please let me know of any inconsistencies, errors, complaints, ideas, or anything! Thank you!

Story Info

Allies (Potential):

  • The Main Character (You!)
  • David Harvey, CTB Agent, Hot-Headed and Passionate (RO)
  • Karina Diaz, CTB Intelligence Analyst, Compassionate Soul (RO)
  • Andrew Johnson, CTB Acting Director, Wise and Experienced
  • Andrew “Andy” Johnson Jr, U.S Army Delta Force, Tough Guy (RO)
  • Melissa Black, CTB Agent, Professional and Focused (RO)
  • Daniel Stevens, CTB Secretary, Helpful and Friendly (RO)
  • Belle Hall, Child of New Antebellum, Spunky Rebel (RO)
  • Chevy, Friendly, Loyal, Well-Trained German Shepherd
  • Ivan Kalashnikov, Russian Agent, Perceptive Sniper
  • Chita, Independent, Giant, Protective Siberian Husky
  • Oraib, Arabian Translator, Keen and Vigilant (RO)
  • Moses, Aloof, Brave, Loving Canaan Dog

(Only one dog will be obtainable per playthrough)

Organized “Terrorist” Groups (That You Will Encounter):

  • New Antebellum, an organization for expansion of individual rights (specifically the reinstatement of the second amendment), as well as the expansion of states rights, under the threat of a second Confederate secession. While the group is often associated with racism in the mainstream media, 22% of their membership is African-American, and only a small number of members have ever displayed racist attitudes or views (until now). Following the death of founder and leader Jacob Hall, his second took his place and now uses his position to call for violence against the United States and people of minorities, beginning not long before the first bombing. While a significant number of the members of the group echo the sentiments of their new leader, Jeremiah Bedford, the majority detest him for his violent (non-Christian) attitude. The group is now (ironically) in its own Civil War between the white-supremacists and those fighting for Hall’s original vision. The group’s main influence spans the Southern United States, with entire cities, agricultural communities, and even entire states sponsoring New Antebellum, while some branches have even popped up in rural communities throughout South America, the northwestern United States, and Europe.


What types of terrorist groups would you like to see featured as antagonists (or maybe friends with based on mutual enemies) in the story?

  • White Supremacists
  • Confederate Resecessionists (Not Neccessarily Racist)
  • Tea Party
  • Antifa Style Liberal Extremists
  • Violent Black Nationalists
  • Islamic Extremism
  • Communists
  • A Foreign Intelligence Service
  • Fascists/Nazis
  • A Military Coup
  • Christian Cult Extremism
  • Anarchists
  • Other (Please Describe in a Post!)

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Unspoken (WIP, Demo Ver. 0.0.2)

As a proud Texan, I have to choose y’all. I know you said you can play as a highly customized character, but wow, I wasn’t expecting it’ll go as far as accents! The plot seems exciting, I love the high stakes action.


So far so good! The character customization looks incredibly detailed–as @Phoenix_Wolf said–and I absolutely love it. And I like the concept of APPEAL. Keep this up.

Addendum: Looking at the other stats you’ve implemented, like Altruism and Novelty, I’m even more psyched to see how this turns out.

Now, do youse have a privy?


I have to agree with @anon49824592 for sure. APPEAL in particular sounds like a fun game mechanic and I can’t wait to see how it affects the story once more has been added on.


Pretty good start can wait to see where it goes

Also found an error when playing as female and you go to thr bathroom the text will repeat itself after you choise to use the facilities.

Also right before you ask if there is a bathroom
The text says the MC is thinking of washing their hands, But when The MC enters the bathroom that text repeats itself as well


Ahhhhhhh so that’s why I didn’t see it in my unread section


The phrase “The way it is meant to be played” maybe trademarked by nVidia - may want to look into that and see where you stand.

Edit: Also the text for the bathroom keeps repeating with the “after touching the handle…” and so on.


Thank you for the feedback and the bug reports! I’ll get right on that bathroom issue as soon as possible.

@Phoenix_Wolf Howdy fellow Texan!! Playing as myself in other games, and seeing “you guys” or another form of y’all was always immersion breaking for me! I’m surprised more games don’t implement something like this! It’s actually pretty simple.

@LordOfLA Oh, yikes. That would be bad. I’ll take a look at that and probably just change it regardless. Better safe than sorry. Any reccommendations??

And thank y’all for the praise on APPEAL! It’s an idea that I hope may inspire similar features in other games!


Just a short demo yet it is so awesome. I love that i could customize personality and appearance. Keep up good work.


I’d suggest just “play the game as intended”.

Here’s a video showing Nvidia’s use of the slogan. They use the contraction “it’s” instead of “it is” but they do claim that phrase as a trademark (not registered, however). I don’t know where US Trademark law stands on defending non-registered marks but active legal defence is required of registered marks - hence my caution.


When you go to the restroom in the coffee shop:

"You wash your hands thuroughly;"

So far, so good. thumbs up!


Yes! That is exactly it! Certain skin tones, clothing styles, etc. will effect how much NPCs like you! Racism will definently play a certain role throughout the story, for all player races.


I’m with the others here. Appeal looks, ahem, appealing. It’s nice to see how others will react to how your character is. Adds a nice bit of liveliness.


On a less punny note, it might be nice if there were a few additional race selections available. Just something to reflect the diversity of modern America, considering that your WIP is based in a similar universe.


What races should be added in your opinion?

Maybe y’all could make me a list :slight_smile:


Maybe some other pigmentations for Caucasians and Africans? Hispanics and Asians seem to get two varieties, would be nice to another variety for Caucasians and Africans as well. Also, how about Native Americans, Indians, and Arabians?


Off the top of my head, I can only think of three new racial options:

-Middle Eastern

-Persons of mixed race

-Indian-American (it’s not always clear whether we fit into the ‘Asian’ category :slight_smile: )


@anon49824592 @Gamemaster
Oh! Those race options actually exist under “Something Different.”


Oh! Well, now I look stupid. Not used to there being more options under something different.


Same. I think it might be better, though, if they were all combined into one list. In my experience as a CoG player, ‘something different’ tends to be an enter-your-own-choice category, and so I tend to skip those.