Images in the stat screen?

I have images in my stat screen that aren’t loading. They stay as a tiny thumbnail with generic… things? I’m not really sure what to call it.

This is my code below. It seems like the code itself is working correctly; it’s just not actually displaying the image.

[b]Ada Polanski[/b]

*image Polanski

Ada Polanski is an Engineer who was selected for her near perfect scores on her aptitude tests once she became an adult. Her personality profile is not complete due to both her age and her lack of experience in her field and relationships.


Polanski has black hair and her skin is white. She is of Asian descent and her eyes are brown. She keeps her hair in a bun while she is working though when she is not she often keeps it straight and allows it to rest comfortably on her shoulders. Her build is slight and ```

I imagine it should be something like *image Polanski.jpg or *image Polanski.png, depending on what file format you’re using. In other words — you need to include the extension.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

That worked. Any way to size the image down btw?

As far as I’m aware, no. This is what the ChoiceScript Wiki has to say:

The *image command takes care of the size of the image: images will automatically be sized down if the width of the image is larger than the width of the device used to play the game.

Images will never be sized up because that would cause the image to be stretched. It is best to insert a large, high-quality image that will be downsized.

Yeah I saw that. I was hoping to downsize it a bit just to make it a little less… large. Figured there might be something that isn’t on the wiki yet.

Thanks again.

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