I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

The ghost story is Spellbound: A Ghost Story (WIP) [Updated January 22, 2023], still totally being worked on. I personally am not following it anymore for unrelated reasons but yeah, that dude’s a prick at the best of times. I’m gay as fuck so I’ve never been in a relationship with him but “somehow” I’m incredibly unsurprised by the fact that he cheated on you and all that follows.
I recognize it’s because the whole thing has to be a betrayal and shit so you’re required to have been kinda friendly with him at some point in time, but I haven’t any idea why anyone would be. He’s so manipulative, petty, and self-centered, and yet somehow I disliked him more with literally every scene. Just more backstory gets revealed and I’m like “okay why am I forced to hang around this unhinged so obviously evil piece of shit”. Doesn’t make any sense to me and absolutely destroys any immersion the game builds up, at least for me, but I haven’t any idea who’d think he’s nice to be around even in the context of fiction.