Illegal mixing of spaces and tabs error?

I keep getting this error though I keep doing everything the same, and some times it works and other times it doesn’t…
It says one line has tabs and another spaces… I am NOT pressing the tab button ever. I am using notepad ++ and when there are spaces and you press enter it makes it so the spaces are the same as the one above it. which is SUPER useful! but is that what’s causing the errors? or something else? Help please!

According to the wiki (

“Two quick tips for using Notepad++. First, you may want to turn off auto indent. Go to Settings > Preferences > MISC. and uncheck Auto-indent. Second, you may want to turn on word-wrap. The option to turn it on or off should be on the main task bar, but can also be found under View. Leaving Auto-indent on may make a mess of indentation, as Notepad++ does not auto indent in a way that is necessarily compatible with ChoiceScript, and word-wrap will keep the page from scrolling off to the side with full paragraphs.”

Thank you so much! I thought that was the problem so good to know.