IF or Otome with stat raising or RPG elements?

So you guys I need some recs because I can’t find anymore interesting games to play!

I want either otome games or more interactive fiction but they have to have some form of extra gameplay behind them whether it be stat raising or RPG like elements. Of course romance is also a must :smiley:

choicescript games i have liked: Choice of Romance, Choice of the Vampire, Samurai of Hyuga(MY FAVORITE), Guenevere(OTHER FAVORITE)

Otome games I have liked: Magical Diary, Rock Robin(THE BEST), 7KPP(only the demo of course), Backstage Pass, C14 Dating, Demonheart(LOVED the more adultish content), Loren the Amazon Princess, Pastry Lovers

Also I can’t stand the otome games that currently saturate the app store where you get like 2 parts of a story for free and must wait or spend a stupid amount of money for yet again just a fraction of the story. Those are disgusting. BUT - I don’t mind paying for a game either. I actually prefer to just pay upfront for a FULL piece of quality content than to get it in bitz and pieces.

Lastly, I feel like Heileen is going to be recommended a lot but I played it and actually didn’t like it all so theres that.


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