If I "New people" am needing help with coding and commanding, Can I get some input?

The point of this is so that I, or others can ask questions about how to start up a story.

Questions like, “I know how to name, but how do I go about giving Optional choice names or allowing the player to text input their own name?” Or " How do I go about mentioning my characters name in the story, The name correlating what the player chooses in the start up menu" If at a scene the main character decides to romance, how would I go about implementing that option with the main character and his/her partner?"
These are things i’m not seeing in any tutorial or standard thread help from other people.

Another writer @ kashidol
Gave me a great example on how to identify my characters gender, and name. But it was only player text input, Now I’m wanting to give the player options of choosing an already named option and player text, These are things I wish to know and I am sure, new writers/coders/etc would like to know too. Any comment from people who actually know these things would be greatly appreciated and would help new members like myself write their novelties faster.

We already have collective coding qna thread here:

While it started originally as @hustlertwo’s collective questions of coding, IIRC he explicitly wanted for the thread to be some kind of a general coding thread. Anyone, please feel free to hijack his thread to your heart content.

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