If* coding not working

First time using the if* codes, can anyone see what is going wrong? I tried using choice wiki nto help but its not giving me a clear answer.

*label Questions1
    #Leave a feather under the loose stone of the foyer.
      *set sig_sign "feather"
      *goto Next1       
    #A flower in the mouth of the swan statue in the front garden. 
      *set sig_sign "flower"  
      *goto Next1
    #A jewel from your travels in the empty bird nest.
      *set sig_sign "jewel"    
      *goto Next1

*label Next1
With a secretive little smile Rowan left for the cliff, knowing he would be joined very soon.

Well… that's what he thought.  The sun had almost gone down when still there was no sign of life gracing the otherwise empty cliff. He heaved a sign taking his newly acquired captains hat off his head, playing with it in between his hands.  

Suddenly a heat developed him from behind, the arms over his shoulders holding a familiar object.

*if (sig_sign = "flower")
    Thats a nice flower you got there.
*if (sig_sign = "feather")
    Thats a nice feather you got there.
    Thats a nice jewel you got there.

It’s the *else :pray: Just make another *If statement

Thank you!!

from the choicescript wiki

It is a basic requirement of ChoiceScript’s logic that any use of *elseif or *else commands in combination with *if should always end with either a *finish, *goto_scene, *goto, *goto_random_scene, *ending or *gotoref command

From If | ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom

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