Ideas for a mech game


Hey guys and gals I need a little help with some idea’s for a mech game. At the moment I got the General idea of add western and eastern mecha but thats about it thanks!


I’d start by looking at what has been published: Mecha Ace by @Cataphrak.

From there your imagination would be the limit. What more do you want to do?


I’m not sure because when I was hammering out the plot I realized that it shared alot with gundam and I’m trying to make its own. The only real differences are the western style mechs and the use of AI


That is a start and to begin with, not worrying about how much alike another work is o.k. Main thing is to work on it and get it written. Once you do that, you can always revise your game.


Yea your right about that. I’m also wonder what stats to put down right now I have prowess, guts, presence, and tech. I had a fifth one but I can’t remember it.


Here is a guide that CoG puts out for all authors - it is a great starting place and talks about stats and companions and all sorts of things:

CoG Author Outline


Thanks! This should really help. Also I forgot to mention but I loved Mecha Ace its what got me into COG


As a little heads up, COG titles are the official titles as written on request of the company. All games written otherwise will, if finished and meeting their general requirements, be published under their secondary Hosted Games label. (So the idea you have is most likely not for a COG, but for a prospective Hosted Game.) (You can edit the title of the thread and description in the first post by clicking the pencil shaped icon.)

You can find more information here, in specific below the “Writing for Hosted Games” heading.


Oh no I was just writing it for fun. Also was hoping to see if anyone was interested and get a little help with fine toning


Well, you could always do both :wink:


Very ture I could, but I like the idea of it being free and eveyone can read it. I would like to hear ideas from a author like you guys.


Well, my opinion on this is: what is best for the author? For instance a fantasy/ si-Fi where it is set in floating cities where the protagonist is an adventurer, or perhaps a world where tech is powered by magic meaning that magic users are captured and enslaved in tech factories. Totally your call dude.


I’m no writer in ChoiceScript, but I my main hint would be to go wild writing, and then reviewing what you write later.

Also, take some time to think about stuff like: stats, like things good pilots might need, character relationships and the setting itself.


I was wondering what kind of stats I should use I have prowess tech guts and presents. Any others you can think of?


for reference, id says go watch Voltron (new), Ray earth, Flame of Recca, and Escaflowne. I think it would be interesting if the MC found a random powerful robot. or see it crash and go after it. usually, the main characteristic for a mech antagonist is that they want the power of said robot to conquer a planet or galaxy. or maybe the power of the robot can grant a wish or something. Hopefully this helps.:slight_smile:


Maybe ability? or battery power. speed and strength?


As long as the mech didnt run windows 10 the updates are so slow XD…
What are the equipments of the mech anyway?
Are we talking about metal gear mechs?
Or gundam / codegeass mech?


How about instead of pilot based stats, machine based then a single ‘piloting’ stat.
Things like:
Weapons system

Cause in a mech game you’re really gonna want to narrow in on the machines.


It’s great to see so many people that are interested with this thanks, but I have a question would you guys rather be a veteran of war or would you rather be a researchers child? I can see the pro’s and con’s for both but what do you guys think?


Write both paths … choice is the nirvana of this community. It would also differentiate you from others who only write one or the other.