Idea for a game


I just thought that with all these cog games that are based on films. I was just at home watching riddick. And thought wouldn’t it be cool if it was turned in to a cog game. Now before anyone says it I am not ask anyone to make a game of it. And I’m not going to do it as I look at the tutorial for how to code and still don’t understand it. This is just a thought I had


Honestly, it would make for an amazing COG game, but the supply/demand means authors will generally make games based on what interests them.


The problem with translating movies to interactive fiction is that it would have to be a “fan-fic” and would not be able to be sold as movies are commercial works. So writers are not motivated to put a lot of effort into creating such things that will not provide them any return. In addition, such works may be targets for take-down requests as they could be considered unauthorized use of intellectual property.