Idea and technical question related to saving/playing on multiple devices; parrallel game

MAIN Question: Can a hosted game be played on multiple devices uploading the same save?

  • follow up question - is there a custom save system/password system I can build into choicescript?
  • I found some useful things in the forum but no explicit answer to my question.
  • plug-in?
  • follow up question - can a Hosted Game insert a plug-in once I submit it to help implement the save system on multiple devices so that two players can play in alternating turns on multiple devices


  • I have an idea for a partner game; two players, potentially romantic.
  • The idea is the two mc’s play parallel games with moderate interaction;
  • The outside meta of the game is that it is designed for friends / romantic partners who are in long distant relationships allowing for role-playing.
  • I don’t intend for simultaneous play which would dramatically increase complexity - no fighting the same opponent at the same time. The idea is for two players to play back and forth every other day, alternating chapters.
  • For the sake of the narrative, there could be simultaneous events, but not for game-play.

Example for Romeo and Juliet (not actual Proposal as Ryan North already did a terrific Romeo and Juliet Choose-your-own adventure)

  • **Chapter 1:**Player one plays Romeo in Chapter one; he’s devastated, makes choices about attending a ball or recovering from heartbreak
  • Chapter 2: Player two plays Juliet. Has trouble with her parents, plans a ball
  • Chapter 3 Romeo reacts to Juliet’s decisions at the Ball
  • Chapter 4 - based off of the decisions Romeo made, have Juliet react accordingly at the Ball

A fascinating concept, albeit one that may prove difficult to implement. Would really be something special.

Also, Ryan North did a Romeo and Juliet game? I thought the Hamlet one was his only Shakespearean foray. I will have to look into this.

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I’ve programmed a password system in pure ChoiceScript, so its definitely possible and should work cross platform. I’ve stress tested it on my laptop, and with the correct setup, it’s fairly efficient. My method is a bit complex, but the jist of it relies on saving all variables, the current scene, and current label, to a string that can be copy and pasted, then using choicescripts character extraction operator to read back the variable data, then goto_scene to the matching scene/label pair.

Edit: Demo link in case anyone is interested:


Thanks - i hadn’t thought of using a password generated like that. That should do the trick.

Rome and/or Juliet - It’s more polished than To Be Or Not To Be

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