Ice and Ember Update Thread


Currently 36.9K with an average playthrough of 16.9K
Prologue + 2 Chapters


Romance + fantasy.

You are the first child born of war. The children of Heatha are your mother’s people–tundra dwellers on a small, isolated island nation with a rich history and culture. Eidai is the southern mainland, and god, of your father, with its own unique traditions and values. After a bloody introduction, the two sides have settled into a tense, decades long cold war that brings you to your current predicament: an arranged marriage. Many hope that this union will be the balm that soothes the wounds of war, propaganda, and distrust. No pressure or anything.

  • Play as male, female / cis, trans, nonbinary
  • Navigate culture, religion, and politics
  • Cultivate relationships with family members or barely survive reunions
  • Romance your spouse or your childhood rival *
  • Three major skills to choose from (with the ability to mix & match a little) + a hobby
  • Perhaps get yourself an exotic pet
  • Ponder forgiveness and self sacrifice
  • Help steer the fate of a nation or two in the face of a brutal reality
  • Meet god?

*see FAQ (first comment in main thread)


There are only two. I wanted to focus on depth, more than variety.

Anatole (m/f, gender dependent, bisexual)

Seventh child of a high ranking official, Anatole seems to be everything they are supposed to be: polite, clever, efficient, and obedient. And still, their father shipped them off to the middle of a frozen nowhere because he had nothing more important to do with them–I mean, for them to do. Anatole is intent on success, but by what means and to what ends? Is there room for you in those machinations? Do you want there to be?

Karus (m/f, gender selectable, bisexual)

An unwanted babe left in the wilderness to die, Karus just keeps on going: tough, impulsive, defensive, and idealistic. From childhood terror to a well respected place at the queen’s side, Karus has made a lot of moves and has a lot of moves still to make. They are determined to make a place for themself in an unforgiving world–might that place be with you?


I’m currently looking for feedback on:

  • Moments where you didn’t feel any options fit your character
  • Continuity errors
  • Moments where the narrative wasn’t clear
  • Aspects or moments you would like to see expanded
  • Moments where you felt the RO’s or MC’s gender wasn’t well/correctly expressed
  • Game breaking bugs
  • General feelings or thoughts about the game and your level of enjoyment playing it and why (yes, including “I hate it”)
  • Bugs that break immersion but not gameplay (like pronouns or other variables being wrong)

I’m not currently looking for:

  • Typos, grammatical issues; I know they’re annoying, but it’s possible I’ll change so much that cleaning them up now ends up being wasted effort later so they are on the back burner.

To sate my curiosity, I’d love to know:

  • If you were more autonomous/solidarity|orthodox/heterodox
  • If you spent more time with Yvin or Fjola and how you felt about the two of them
  • Which LI you’re leaning toward (if either)
  • Which primary skill (warrior/healer/advisor) + hobby you chose
  • Which cast you chose
  • If you played it more than once and, if so, what you did differently

Did you see something written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? That’s there to notify me of weird bugs or to remind me to rewrite something (and clearly I forgot), so please tell me about that.

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback!