Icarus Effect (WIP)

2/14/2022: After years of struggling with mental health, I’ve owed it to myself to finally finish this project. I’m sorry to everyone who were initially disappointed with the news that the project was cancelled out of the blue. The last four years have been treacherous for me, physically and mentally. I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m physically pained not working on this. Progress will be slow, but it’s high time I owed it to myself to start picking up one of my passions again, writing fiction and creating worlds.

Icarus Effect is set in a dystopian reality in a world of metahumans, where you have the opportunity to experience the life of a cybernetically-enhanced, technopathic hacker who works with the Enhanced soldiers of the black operations division of the renowned international military agency, EAGLES. As the only technopath on the payroll of the black operations division working under the EAGLES, your primary objective is to gather sensitive intelligence on your enemies through unscrupulous means and disseminate vital information to your assigned agents in the field. In the years that you have worked to rise to the apex of the division’s pecking order, you have come to earn the utmost respect and trust of your operatives and superiors. When a lethal information leak strikes the heart of the organization and drives wedges between already strained relationships, you were deeply astonished and wounded as your superiors instantly turned on you, betraying you in the deepest manner possible by publicly branding you as the traitor. And in doing so, they have unchained the hounds and wolves that you raised with your own nurturing hand, turning them loose on you. Hunted down savagely, by none other than the friends that you worked with. You had no choice, you had nothing on them. You had to run. Run and hide. But the people you worked with, they are more than what they appear on the surface. They are not just cunning hounds and shrewd wolverines – these are people that have become intimately familiar with your methods and your own behavioral patterns.

I’ve lost access to my original account on dashingdon so I’m going to post a new demo link soon.

Demo: https://dashingdon.com/go/3769

Tumblr: https://icarus-effect-game.tumblr.com


This feels like it’s gonna be a wild, gritty ride and I cant wait to see where it goes!


Oh, it’s great to see some cyberpunk floating around! Loved the clinical descriptive style you used for mundane concepts (namely, one’s own body); it gave it that great, gritty twinge you’d expect from cyberpunk. There isn’t that much description of the world and already it’s exuding atmosphere which is an amazing accomplishment!


I love this already. I will relish the day we are able to exact sweet, sweet revenge on the masterminds. Served cold of course. Like ice cream! :yum:

Not sure how much you’d be willing to delve into relationships wise but I’d like to know how sway we will be able to have on our past connections. Or is it more pre-determined?
(Cant wait to see the level of tech in the game too. High tech, low society? Or no?)


Too many breaks, I understand you were going for effect, but the effect is lost when all you are doing is clicking through a bunch of one sentence slides. I love the concept, but it is just way too fractured the way it is written as of now.


This looks so good!!
I can’t wait to see what you come up with later on!:+1:t3::+1:t3:

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I will keep that in mind for the next update. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks to everyone else who have expressed interest and have tried out the bare-bones demo! I’ll update sometime next week and implement the suggested improvements. :slight_smile:

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The demo was hot ! Yes I said it.

There was some suspense and I totally wanted to see how our MC will deal with the first interraction and accusation.

So one ou two things : He trained them so shouldn’t he struggle a little more ? And when we choose the connection between both we don’t have enough inormations. Because the guy is angry and everything and still let us go. So I guess we were close and still we can choose something without knowing anything about this big shadow.

Anyway I can’t wat to see the next udapte ~.

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Seems interesting I’m going to check it

An interesting opener, looking forward for more. Needs few tweaks, such as reducing the amount of one-liners, but still intriguing nonetheless. Eager to see where your tale will take us CyberFox.

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I love this story. It’s nice to have you back! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So god damn glad this project is returning. Cyberpunk is definitely one of my favourite styles of science fiction and the prospect of delving into an interactive world in that setting is second only to CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.

Good luck, mate.


I’m so glad to have you back! Your story is really interesting

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I would like to say that this was a lovely read.

Your writing was elegant, vivid and engaging, which after having read a few texts which made me want to cry “Oh god the pain never ends” at how it was just wall after wall of monotonous paragraphs was quite lovely.

The personification and metaphors were quite a lovely addition as well and even though they were everywhere I never found myself getting annoyed and they have made your style unique and pleasing to the eyes.

Even though there was very little I was reading every word while most texts I skim read due to the aforementioned walls of “Send Help It Never Ends”

Looking forward to more chief :slight_smile:


It might be beating a dead horse a tad too much but there are quite a few works of fiction you can take inspiration from (if you haven’t already). Most notably:

  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick (aka Blade Runner, you infidel)
  • William Gibson’s the Sprawl trilogy (Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive and Count Zero)
  • Altered Carbon (either the book by Richard Morgan or the Netflix series for the lovely visuals)
  • Ghost In The Shell by Masamune Shirow (I recommend the original animated film)
  • Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
  • Lock In by John Scalzi

I am loving the premise of this story! I can’t wait for the next update.

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