I would like to have some people play my unfinished game. How do I upload it?

Apparently I can’t do it on Dropbox without paying for Business Dropbox because apparently that’s the only way to get some public folders which are needed for some reason. :frowning:

@Dark_Jester Wow, they must have changed their terms of service, I have a public folder and just have the free version. On the other hand, I have had dropbox forever, so they have probably changed that.

Do they have like a 30 day free trial period or something? If they do, you can use that and have access to people testing your game for a month at least… and with getting new free e-mails, that can be stacked pretty far by signing up for new accounts.

But perhaps other people here know about other services doing the same thing?

You don’t need a public folder to share a link to your game from dropbox. Just put the compiled game in a random file in dropbox, choose to share the link and change the link from something like /www.dropbox.com/someotherthings to dl.dropboxusercontent.com/someotherthings and post it on the thread. That should work.

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@Cecilia_Rosewood How do I compile the game? There’s this compile html file but opening it just brings me to a loading screen for all eternity. Also how do you change the url? I tried but it doesn’t really let you edit the url at all.

@malinryden I may just have to go with this approach. Thanks for the idea.

Seems compile.html is broken in the current version of CS (@dfabulich).
But you can download and replace the file with this one for the time being, which still works.

Then all you have to do is follow the steps here (to ammend your url and make it act like a public link): Can't post my Demo

I should add that when we say ‘ammend the url’ we just mean when you post it on the forum, you can’t actually change it on the DB website.

@CJW Thankyou! I’m pretty sure I have it working now.


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Oops! I just fixed the compiler in the latest github version 77267c7.

If you don’t want to bother compiling it all the time, I can give you an ftp account on my server.

Thanks but compiling only takes a few seconds for me so it’s no hassle.