I used the pronoun code template on the dropbox on my start up page. How do I make it so people go to the proper start scene depending on their selection?

At first, all things seemed fine then I decided to test my abilities by adding the pronouns and sexuality option…but then the game just stops, unless I add the first scene to the start-up page. This doesn’t work, because the first scene mentions and describes the player based on their gender selection and the next page mentions their sexuality preference (it’s for Heart’s Choice if you catch my drift). It also won’t let me add the scene list, or the same error as below appears.

The error I’m getting is:…illegal mixing of tabs and space AND when I add the first scene titled “womanstart”, it works (if I remove the scene list) but I don’t know how to add the option for men, enbies, lesbians, etc.

I am not good at programming at ALL. I’ve taken some free online courses before but it’s not a skill I possess.

My code looks like this: Dropbox - Templates - Simplify your life


If adding it to the scene list doesn’t work, you might want to try using *goto_scene [file name of the scene] to direct the player to the pronoun/sexuality options. You can see how it’s used on the wiki.

What this means is whenever you use indents, you need to be consistent by only using either tabs or spaces on your keyboard (not both).

Yep. Those two are not interchangeable in ChoiceScript.

Does that mean literally choosing between using my TAB button, and the space key? If so, that explains a lot!

Yes, tabs are tabs, and spaces are spaces, if you use tabs to indent use them in all you write, otherwise, you can use 2 spaces or 4. I used 2 cause I don’t like the separation of a new line going so far to the right, but you can use whatever you like as long as you always use the same in all the files of your game.

Thank you! That seems to be working! Wow! I struggled for hours and it’s so simple. I will definitely have more struggles in the future, but this is a huge boon.

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