I can't type

The program literally will not let me type?? im pretty sure i did everything right (i have windows) and the thing showed up but i couldnt type anything. is this common? did i mess up something?

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What program are you trying to use?

You can write choicescript in a number of different software, so we’ll need to know which you’re using. :slight_smile:


Idk if this is what you need, but it pulls up WINDOWS\system32\cmd

What did you actually do?


Hello! Is it possible that you perhaps opened the Command Prompt maybe?
You have to use Notepad to be able to type in the ChoiceScript codes.

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It could be the server running (launched by the run-server.bat), which would also explain why it isn’t taking any input (since it is, in that case, working on command already), but I’d rather not make too much assumptions based on this sparse details.

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Yes, you definitely don’t need to be working in the command line to write choicescript!

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, exactly, but if you’re trying to write your own game in choicescript I would recommend one of the following on Windows.

If you’re not someone who does a lot of coding and messing about with files, I would recommend option 1. CSIDE has all the testing options built in, which is much easier to deal with than figuring out which files to run and running them each time in my opinion.

Option 1:

  1. Download and install CSIDE (a development environment for choicescript)

  2. Open CSIDE and click the plus sign to start a new project:

  3. You’ll use the CSIDE environment to type your scenes and do testing, and can also create a playable HTML version of the game. (You do all these by right clicking on your project in CSIDE.)

Option 2:

  1. Download the latest zip file of Choicescript and extract it to a folder.

  2. Download and install Notepad++ or a similar text editor.

  3. Go to the “scenes” folder inside the location where you put your choicescript files, located in the following file path:

  4. This is where you will create your chapter files, which is where you will type. The testing functions are located in the “choicescript” directory.

You might also want to take another look at a tutorial on how to get started with choicescript, such as this one on the unofficial choicescript wiki.