Hunter's Sacrifice (Tumblr link is up)



@LauraSikdar It’s good to be back :slight_smile: I was away for longer than planned, but things should pick up from here. Welcome back to you too! @VainCorsair and you have both been a great help with my lovely typos/weird sentences, so I am lucky to have you :smiley:

Ten gives his stamp of approval. 10/10.

Thanks! I am still not 100 % satisfied with what I have right now, but I am already working on the next chapter.

Free time activities are always the most fun :smiley: Though, the Society isn’t really familiar with the concept of free time or hobbies, so expect a lot of these choices to be connected to training. Or something else entirely :smiley:

@Avid_reader Thank you! Comments like this put wind in my sails.


Thank you! It’s always a pleasure :grin:

No, Ten, no!

…Sneaking outside with Trouble again would be foolish, wouldn’t it?


Don’t mention it. I was a fan of this story and your writing when it was in its barebones stage, and it has improved by leaps and bounds these last few months. Keep it up! :grin:


Hi! Just stopping by to say I’ve been doing some rewriting of the story (got stuck at the free time part, unfortunately). Hopefully, I will have something to show soon.

Just a little heads up: I have also created Raven’s Flight that takes place in the same world as Hunter’s Sacrifice. Raven’s Flight is basically a parallel story with a different protagonist (and chain of events).


awwww the story was so intriguing and immersive!! I WANT MORE! please lol


Thank you! I’ll do my best to update with new content soon.

What kind of hunter will you be playing as?


Yooooo! I’ve still got midterms so I won’t be able to check your new WIP tonight but I WILL check it out as soon as I can ahhhh I’m so hyped!! Sending good luck your way, I hope the rewrite smooths out as you go along and you overcome whatever’s giving you a hard time!


I am mid-ranged fighter equipped with a trident since no one else on the team had one I wanted to be different lol my guy has a slight anger issue, but he loves his team.
. I like how you gave us choices on what type of leader we can be and how deep our team is. Seeing all the cast of characters interact with each other while you just sit there an observe and intervene when needed like a parent is interesting
Sidenote: One thing I didn’t like was the choice of which direction to head to when the prowlers come. Like it didn’t matter what you choose the resulted were the same…which was discouraging


This is probably one of the parts I will be rewriting, however, Four’s death is unavoidable, unfortunately.

Good to hear you are liking the team!

@LauraSikdar good luck on your midterms and I look forward to hearing your thoughts :smiley:


awRIP FOUR they were my favorite…n last thing i swear… will we get to fight our vice commander or at least some prowlers Im really itching to fight something?


Yeah, I will definitely miss writing Four too. He brings much needed cheer into the serious efficiency that is team Alpha. In fact, I am considering squeezing a couple (skipable) flashbacks just to allow players to interact with him more.

Yes! Probably in the next update, either during the training or the new mission. Just don’t expect that victory will be easy, since both Twelve and Prowlers are hard to beat.

And feel free so ask as many questions as possible, since I love answering them :smiley:


Thank you so much!! I’m heading over to the other thread now >_<

More people love Four yessss

Oooohh, I’d love to see that if you do decide to put that in!


Hunter’s Sacrifice & Raven’s Flight: SPECIAL EDITION

Celebrate Halloween in HS style. Do some damage control, avoid falling for any possibly fatal traps and have wicked fun with your team!


Three guesses, who is looking forward to the party.

Anyone wondering, who’s orchestrated the whole thing?

If the gods are in our favour, the Halloween story will be up on Sunday!

@LauraSikdar Thank you for giving Raven’s Flight a go :smiley:


I actually guessed three people for this XD

  1. Four wait he’s not invited-
  2. Twelve (of course)
  3. TROUBLE where you at (or Six or Seven)

Whoop, good luck!!!

Of course! No regrets hehe! :grin:


I’m sure you’ve noticed there was no special edition posted on Sunday. Now the plan is to make it till this Sunday.

Here’s a small sneak-a-peek instead.



Halloween story is up!

Click here to read it.

What can you expect?

  • Short story,

  • Couple short “bad” ends and two slightly longer good ends.

  • Some craziness with your team (or B).

Unfortunately, Trouble and Raven didn’t make it into the cut, though they might be added into the story later.


Loved the short Halloween story. Also love the characters, world, and story-line you created! Can’t wait for more!
Also, you should consider making a tumblr or some form of social media blog for Hunter’s Sacrifice and Raven’s Flight! I would definitely follow it and make some fanart :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words, they warmed my heart :slight_smile: I’ve considered making a tumblr before, but wasn’t sure, if there was enough interest for it at this stage.

Admittedly, this

makes me want to do it, just to see your art.

I would need to do some sort of plan first, though. What kind of content would you be interested in?



I was a fool


It appears we get to see Eleven’s appreciation for treats early! It’s cute, I got a kick out of Seven’s reaction to his brother XD

fans self I may have screamed a little akshgsjs and then I thought he betrayed me on the next page lol, I knew I shouldn’t have taken that drink!

And so the score for the extra goes…

B: 0, Me: 2

(I’m so proud)

On my second playthrough (because I had to try out all the costumes and see their reactions ofc!)… The ref to Twilight made me chuckle XD


(By the way, the love triangle achievement??? I had a blast with that scene oh my gosh, it was so fun seeing Seven and Six flustered!!! :laughing: I could just imagine my captain shaking her head in exasperation and resignation lol)

I haven’t marked the few typos, but would you like me to send those too?

If I may? I currently don’t have any new ideas at the moment, but I do follow a lot several of the WIPs on Tumblr, and I can suggest activities that they have on their blogs?


Aaaa, I am happy you enjoyed it! Truthfully, I was trying to squeeze in a few romantic moments, but the characters had their way with the plot, so the story ended up being a bit more humorous than expected.

Yes, please! As you have surely noticed, I am terrible at proofreading my work.

Please do!

Every suggestion is greatly appreciated :smiley: