Hunter's Sacrifice (Tumblr link is up)

This WIP doesn’t get enough love! I am really intrigued with the world setting and the characters, though I admit I still have a hard time figuring out who is who on the team. :sweat_smile: Of course, it’s not a big issue, so I hope to see more content soon! :slightly_smiling_face: It is very well-written.

As for who caught my interest–Trouble. :eyes: I have a weakness for childhood friend tropes and him being an RO just adds more to it. The MC I play is no-nonsense but soft-hearted deep down and the dynamic she can have with not just him is something that I am keen to explore and find out more about. Plus, I live for the drama. :heart:

Also speaking of which, the MC is the youngest person to ever become a captain. May I ask at what age it happened? Unless it’s already mentioned somewhere and I missed it. :thinking:


that one look from B sated me

It’s all cool!! :grin: Interactions with the team are just as important as interactions with the ROs imo, and who would say no to a little laughter? B that’s who whoops

Then without further ado~


*I remember we got to pick Trouble’s gender in this special, but perhaps you might want to change it to B, since Trouble doesn’t appear? As for me, B defaulted to male (although I believe there was one instance where their pronouns were they/them).

*you can definitely
*point out

*Take out “not”. Twelve isn’t bothered

*I got (perhaps?)
*harmless sedatives or harmless [drinks/liquids/etc?] and sedatives?

*I didn’t notice till now, but take out “a”. pulling out what seemed
*Forgive me if I’m wrong, but it should be *thrusting right?




*Take out the extra “you”. Are you implying that

(I still laugh at this scene!)

*First off
*had been
*especially [hard/difficult/etc?] to
*Take out the extra “you”. wrap your head around.

*Should be she or it, not both
*hide nor hair

*The last sentence is cut off here


*do a toast

*had actually

No typo here! I just thought it was funny :laughing: and forgot to point it out earlier aha


(This was too good, it needed to be memorialized somehow XD )

*I checked with all the girls, and Trouble uses he/him pronouns when he responds to your accusations of them
*I just realized Eight is missing ahhh

Alright! Well I have to give a lot of credit to Model Citizens: Unmasked’s blog (known as thenickelportrust on tumblr)! Most of the blogs usually answer asks that are about lore or character/RO reactions to an MC’s actions/behavior, and as for the reactions, they usually have the same format.

For example:

Ask: How would the ROs react if they came home after a trip/work to the MC sleeping in their bed, wearing (or holding) an article of their clothing? (*many of these are hypothetical scenarios!)

B: would combust [answer]

Zero: would also combust [answer]

and so on~

But MC:U’s blog is where I, at least, first saw In-Character Asks! Every week, Rena holds a poll for which character the followers want to ask questions about. After the results from the poll come in (you decide how long the poll is open of course), for a certain amount of time afterwards, people can send in asks directed towards a specific character, and you’d answer as if you are that character. Rena doesn’t only do main characters either - if you can do this without spoiling Hunter’s Sacrifice, you can include side characters! (One of the ROs’ pets, Trixie, had her own in-character ask session and it was personally one of my faves :laughing: )

I’m not sure if it originated elsewhere, but I also first saw Fun Fact Friday on MC:U’s blog. Basically every Friday, you could give fun facts about a particular character(s)! There’re other alliterations that I see on other WIP blogs too, such as Fluff Friday.

And if you want to keep us updated with where you’re at in writing HS, you can let us know there too! Really there’s a variety of things you can do on Tumblr, and I’m sure you’ll come up with things you want to do if you decide to create one for HS :smile:


there’s also sinday but that’s not on fridays


It is my great pleasure to announce that

Hunter’s Sacrifice and Raven’s Flight have a tumblr now.

You are greatly invited to drop by and say hi, ask some questions and share your thoughts on the plot and the characters. I will be also posting about writing progress (and maybe some worldbuilding), so you can see what exactly is happening with the story.

Thanks for your encouragement! Hope to see you soon :slight_smile:


@kirakana I just finished reading the Halloween story and I thought it was adorable!!! It was really nice to see a lighter side of the characters, and I loved picturing my rather serious MC in a werewolf costume :joy:

QQ, though: Are you going to find a way to incorporate this story into the game, or is it only going to be available as supplementary material on the Hosted Games forum?


Thank you! I had super fun writing it~

Wasn’t too sure which costumes to add, but werewolf was definitely a must! My only regret is that I didn’t do more with the tail …

Good question! Haven’t really thought about it, but ideally such scenarios would be incorporated into the game (under stats screen or something). I probably won’t be making them a part of the story.

There’s also @LauraSikdar’s suggestion of adding perspectives of other characters (eg. Trouble’s, B’s …) This feature would unlock after successfully finishing the game, so maybe I could do the same with special edition stories :thinking:


Ooooh I like the idea of being able to unlock them :relaxed:


:eyes: Yessss (also thank you for taking the different POVs into consideration!!) The unlock feature sounds like a great idea! It’s like a bonus reward in addition to the achievements (though personally I think it’d beat achievements any day lol :laughing: )!


As long as i have the options to be a loner and a mean bastard i will be happy.

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I crawled out from the rock I’ve been hiding under for a couple months just to check in on this :slight_smile: And to tell you that I’m still very excited about it and have been thinking about it a lot and I’m excited to see your updates!!!


@CopperCaravan Hey! Your encouragement means a lot, thank you.

Only good thoughts I hope? :wink:

Writing for Raven’s Flight has given me some ideas, how to move forward with HS or should I say backwards?. The plan is to move the beginning of the story to an earlier point in A’s life, because it works better for the plot and allows me more time for character development.

At any rate, I hope to see you soon!


I’ve been following this WIP for a while now and the similarities to Metro 2033 plus a bit of Ayn Rand (of The Anthem fame) sprinkled on top are undeniable and, definitely, a personal favourite.

I look forward to more and to delve deeper into A, it will be fun to see what kind of baptism by fire that character underwent in the brief life they’ve led.

I also wonder if the philosophies of invidualism and collectivism will be touched upon or even given a bit of focus (I’m not expecting Brave New World, 1984 or The Anthem, but some depth is always appreciated).

Good luck!


I’m glad to hear it.

That is what I would like to do. I only hope to do it well :blush:

Thank you for giving me ideas, which titles to check out, since aside from the Brave New World, I’m not familiar with the materials you mentioned.

Ohhhhh, that’s a cool idea! I can see that working really well! (Also, yes! Definitely only good thoughts lol) And sorry I’m gone for so long in between things; I work way too much. Point, though, is that I do check in! Just takes me a hot minute to set aside time for things that are actually fun.


I hope this WIP continues.

Playing as the Captain with some interesting team dynamics (especially with Twelve) is very interesting, plus the prospect of going out on a hunt after Prowlers is exciting.


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