Hueyyad (A WIP PMC/Soldier sim)

Hey, i’m very new here (and to choicescript). I’ve begun writing a game based on a book that i’m writing.
It’s called ‘Hueyyad’, with the early 80’s atmosphere. You’ll play as a yuppie (young professional) journalist in a technological powerhouse country which is Hellsum.
Your country will be at war with the neighboring country named ‘Duo Nagari’ or in English ‘Two States’. I’m using Duo Nagari language based on mines, making it more foreign/alien for you to understand/hear.
Duo Nagarians are a highly militarised dictatorship, but with a twist. When law controls the people in most dictatorships, the norms control it.

The war is about a disputed region in Hellsum called ‘Polny’ or 'Polnaiat to the Nagarians. You will be sent to the front lines to report the road of war. As the war goes on, all that’s happening around will change you. From a journalist to a soldier. But… what kind of a soldier are you?
From here on, you will meet people who will help you go through the muds, snows, and bloods.

There’s about 44K words in this game

There will be (hopefully) 4 or 5 endings. You could side with one of the countries, or choose the lonesome road. That’s only three that I just told you, there are other endings.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There will be characters with their own stories, each of their endings are decided by your decision. There’s the paramedic, his endings are varied. And there’s Tika, her endings are varied too.


There will be some semi-science fiction atmosphere, but it will be limited. Imagine a suit of armor but for a gunfight. There are also other things, of course.
The world will be somewhere in the 80’s. Expect jets, helicopters, fashion, and others.

❤ Romance

There’s romance, of course. The characters will have quests that will lead you to romance.


The game features a stats called AICE and MAGS;
and Endurance

and there’s MAGS;
Martial Arts

These stats will give you more options and can be improved in the game.


Gifts will give you more options in dialogues and also give you buffs. Example, a perk will give you an option in dialogues, also increase your agility +2 but leadership -1


You’ll really (i mean really) start the game once have the headquarter on the abandoned apartment in CHAPTER I: NAGARIAN act 2

From there will be options to improve defence, but you need resources by sending a small group of people to scavenge.
Your small group will grow to become a small army or a big one. The former militias will become soldiers as you improve your discipline and weapons.
There’ll be a list of quests. To start them, you need to approach one of the quest givers. Example, speak with Bohun to start his quest line.
Each quest line will define the ending.

To play the demo, go here:

If you are asking why I made this, I did this because of boredom :smiley:
If there’s bad grammar or plot holes (things that don’t make sense) please email me. Thank you.

Things to do:

  1. Introduce fight system
  2. Write, write, write.
  3. Draw, draw, and draw
    (I’ll be focusing to write, because it’s easy. Since i already knew the plot.)

Please leave suggestion in the chat :smiley:
If the game shows you ‘This is the last scene!’ that means the story progress stopped there and I haven’t update it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Update: 25/02/2022 Big writing and story update. More to come.


Have yet to play the demo, which I’ll do later in the day, but the premise seems pretty interesting


I like the premise so far, going to give it a whirl. Also the SPECIAL stats reminds me of Fallout :raised_hands: However, I think you’re missing the C stat (for SPECIAL) in the post you made. I believe it’s Charisma? Just a heads up


Oh, yeah! Just changed it. Sadly, i cannot edit it without deleting my image. :frowning: I hope someone could help me

Hey, that fictional conflict of yours reminds me a lot of the conflict that once existed between France and Germany over the region of Alsace and Lorraine, obviously called in their own way by each nation.

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Interesting concept. I’m going to play this later and get back to you.

Edit Played it. Was pretty fun and I cannot wait for more story! :+1:

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Oh, yeah. Now i see it. :smiley: Nice spotting

I’m just sad we can’t get Lucky


1.8K views!? Thanks a lot! I never thought i would reach this number. Just by reading this you already makes me happy. Thank you

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Since i cannot edit to show you the update, i’m going to reply my own post.

  1. There’s a new scene. A new character named Bohun with his own quest (will be written in the future)
  2. Cleaning the story
  3. Added a title picture
  4. Introducing the new perk system. A perk will have it’s own benefit and downside. Will open new dialogue and other action.


  1. Another new scene where you and Syurabil’s gang went to the police station.
  2. Fixed the game problems
  3. Added image to the game, opening the first Chapter
  4. There’s 35.389 words in this game

I am really impressed by the storyline looking forward to more updates and in term of errors encountered while playing it just one.


Thank you! It’ll be helpful if you tell me the errors

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great story I look forward to more

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For some reason I can’t embed medias in a post but I would get a detail of the error

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I think you need to become a member. Your badge is currently a basic, you need to have a member badge.
And about the error, how about post it to and send the link here.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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hi, not sure if this has been addressed (or not sure if its something on my end) but is anyone else having issues with the save’s?

fixed it. i didn’t include the plugin, thanks for reminding me

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I think it ended at the point where I was given option to join the Nagarians army

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I’ve fixed everything, there shouldn’t be any problem now.

Note: if the screen said ‘this is the last scene’, that means the current story ended there. I will work in this night, and gave you update on the story. Thank you :slight_smile:

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