How would you make a Candy Box/A Dark Room-style roguelike?

Two of the most intriguing surprises of recent years have been Candy Box/Candy Box 2 and A Dark Room. I had a few ideas and am slowly planning something out, but how would folks here go about it? I think Choicescript would be an interesting challenge for making a roguelike! I figure I could make a few prototypes to test out the most important aspects of the ideas that are different from the two-

But how would you go about it?

And if not Choicescript, what would you make it with?


Someone made a Choicescript clicker game once. Strangely, I think that this could be done well. It’s an odd style of game with an even odder compulsion to keep going. :slight_smile:

Here it is:

Wow, that project is old.

Here’s the code if anyone is interested. :man_shrugging: