How to Share Games for Offline Play

So, was trying to figure out how to share entire game folders using Dropbox for those roaming without internet or those who want/need offline play and found you can share whole folders, especially the web folder, which holds all the necessary game files.


  1. Go to
  2. To the right of your Public folder, click the Link icon (little gray chainlink). This creates, I believe, a permanent link to your Public folder.
  3. To the left, click Links. There’s a new link for Public - yay!
  4. Click the newborn link and navigate to your game’s “web” folder.
  5. The URL address should link to the web folder. The web folder should look like this to you. Image!
  6. The thing is, the URL address will change for someone who isn’t you. Image!
  7. The Download button should allow them to get a .zip of the web folder, which is all you need to play. Yay!

Here’s hoping that this helps disseminate your games for easy offline play or in some cases easy editing and reviewal for people who want it.

Example of one of my own abandoned game’s web link.

Notice: They’d be able to see absolutely everything, since they have the whole game. If you have paranoia, copyright fears, or don’t want them able to see everything, I don’t recommend giving the link willy-nilly on the forums for downloading, obviously. If you want offline accessibility, this is the best way I know.

So, comments, questions? If you know a more efficient way to share games, please, by all means, share it. This seemed like a long walk for a short drink of water to me.

Well. That certainly seems convoluted. How about just zipping the web folder, shoving it in the public folder (or any folder, the way dropbox functions now) and sharing the link for that?

Or, am I missing some important difference somewhere? :-?

That would totally work better, lmao. Well, then this is how you can access all their crap without downloading it.

X_X The amount of facepalm is incomprehensible right now.

It’s okay, humiliation is a waste of emotion.

If nothing else, it’s interesting to see that something like that can be done with dropbox. I ended up learning something new today regardless, so thanks for sharing!

@CS_Closet The problem with sticking it in a .zip yourself is that you’ve got to repack/overwrite it yourself every time, eventually that gets annoying. If you just copy it in and out of a non-public folder it’ll pack it up in a .zip for you if someone’s going to download it. It can be useful for people that rely on a spotty/momentary connection.