How to retrieve a save file saved during inside a lore page?

So I was playing One Chosen, and recently accidentally lost several hours of progress to this thing. Essentially, I saved while inside one of the lore pages accessible from the stats, and now every time I press “return to game” it simple returns me to that page.

Any help? Is my save file just gone?

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I’ve run into that a few times with stat screens, without much luck working around. After the first couple times, I returned to old RPG habits of rotating save slots religiously :confused:

Sadly, it’s gone - when using DashingDon, you can never save on a stat screen, and I’d suggest you avoid saving right after or before going on the stat screen, just in case - it already happened to me that when I did so, it actually sent me to the stat screen when loading.
It’s really good to use multiple saves. And furthermore, to be even MORE safe nothing happens, if one of your saves gets corrupted in that way, do NOT load another one. Quit the game entirely, then open the page again, and THEN load. It ALSO happened to me that my other saves got corrupted when I tried loading them after having one of them corrupted.

In addition to all of that, I also mark down all of my choices, so I can skip quickly through the game if something happens.


Oh, quick addition that Konoi’s comments reminded me of – I’ve noticed that viewing stats, and then going back to the story, and saving there… will have the same result. Reloads take me to being stuck on the stat page, not the page I went back to before saving. So it seems you have to actually transition pages after viewing stats before you can save safely.

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