How to remove the header and footers when reading on the web

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to remove the footer with logos to market places when reading on the web browser?
Even for purchased games the logos for “Steam”, “App store”, “GooglePlay”, and “Amazon” appear on each and every page…

I can understand to have them for free demos, but it’s impossible (for me) to read with these logos always present.

Thank you for any tip.

If you install uBlock or AdblockPlus, you will be able to block the store logo images.

I don’t think there’s a way for you to remove the header. Sure, you could use the dev tool on your browser to remove it by inspecting the element, but you’d have to do it again when you reload the page. I’m not sure if it’s the same case on Steam and the COG app, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt if you switch over to those two.

Edit: try using the method above my reply. I hope it works

You can hide them with uBlock Origin. (Other ad blockers will also do the job, though I’d stay away from Adblock or uBlock.)

I use:

(hides footer)

(hides About / More Games / Blog / Subscribe links)

(hides account info)

If you want to hide the whole header:

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That’s totally perfect! Works like a charm.
Thank you all for the quick replies and support.
Impressive community!