How to raise non-percentage stats?

Hey there.
It’s me, asking for help. Again. Sorry, but I’m really stuck on how to increase non-percentage stats.
I tried using something like this:

*create constitution 5

But unfortunately, I can only use create in startup.txt. Anyone have ideas?

Somewhere in your story

*set constitution +1
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*create foo 5 creates a variable.
*set foo + 5 sets a number +5 (subtract: -, divide: /, multiply: * and others all work too)

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Btw, does this give the character +1 constitution or does it set constitution to positive 1?

Gives +1, to set it to 1, use *set constitution 1


To try and simplify this a bit:

*set constitution 1    - sets constitution to one regardless of its current value
*set constitution +1   - adds one to the current value of constitution
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Thanks for clarifying, everyone:)