How to make a thread in the 'Off Topic' category without 'Other Interactive Fiction'

How do you make an ‘Off Topic’ thread without ‘Other Interactive Fiction’ being tacked on immediately? Is there some way to seperate these two categories? If so, how?

There should be it’s own ‘off-topic’ category right above it?

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Not for me. I type in Off Topic and the only option is grouped with Other Interactive Fiction.

Hmmm… i wouldn’t know if it’s restricted to ranks, but… wait, don’t you have the drop-down menu?

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I do, and I can search for categories, but when I type in ‘off’, the combo is the only one that shows up.


shows up fine for me. why search for it though? is it not in the regular drop menu?

EDIT: it MIGHT be that you can’t make topics in off-topic before you reach ‘regular’ status, though

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Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 9.19.30 PM
Maybe this has something to do with what you’re talking about.

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Huh. I’ve done several of the things on the list in the last month but I’m still a member. Maybe I should try to change that.

You can post as an member in the off-topic category but you need at least regular user trust level to create topics.

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I created this as a member.

This is in Meta, not off-topic

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Ah. Why is that?