How to let the player spent skill points?


Hi! I’m new to the forum and in the using of ChoiceScript :sweat_smile:. I have figured out quickly how to change percentage for the skills just into numbers, but the problem came up when I was trying that the player can decide at the start of the game how to spend skill points as he / she likes. I mean, you start with five points to spend on what you want. Can someone give me some advice? Thanks beforehand and sorry if this question has been asked already, but as I said, I have not been able to find anything about it.


Something like this would work.

*temp magic 0
*temp intelligence 0
*temp charisma 0
*temp points 5

*label skillset
*if points = 0
 *goto endskillset
  *set intelligence +1
  *set points -1
  *goto skillset
  *set charisma +1
  *set points -1
  *goto skillset
  *set magic +1
  *set points -1
  *goto skillset
*label  endskillset


Basically, it’s just a mix between normal choice sequence with a conditional check command each


Thanks a lot! That’s what I was searching for :grin:, now I can start with all the tough stuff (I mean writing).