How to customize the Ro's gender based on Mc's sexuality?

I’m sorry if this is really dumb, but I need help.
How do you create a ro with a gender that depends on the mc? For example,you have a ro named Alice/Alex[their name and gender depends on the mc], if the mc is a gay man then how do we change the ro’s name to Alex. If the mc is a straight man, how do we change the ro’s name to Alice.
Please help me.

You’ll just set a name/set of gender variables for Alex/Alice, same as for the MC, and change them during the sexuality question.

*create alex ""
*create alexgen ""
*create alexhe ""
*label start
What is your sexuality?
    #I'm only attracted to men.
        *set likesmen true
        *set likeswomen false
        *set alex "Alex"
    #I'm only attracted to women.
        *set likesmen false
        *set likeswomen true
        *set alex "Alice"
        *set alexgen "female"

You’ll have to default for “likes both”, etc, but aside from that you’ll just set the pronoun variables in the same list.

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Thank You!

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