How to change the page_break button text on a page with only one choice?

Hi all, I’m aware in general of how to change the “next” page button text, but I’m having some trouble doing it on a page with only one choice to proceed. Here’s what I have:

#“There must be another way.”
*page_break way…

“There is no other way,” the voice insists. “If you stay your hand now, Tapyt will be able to—”

#“To what?”
*page_break wake up…

The choice seems to interfere with the page_break command; I’ve tried all manner of indenting it but can’t seem to get the page_break to be read for some reason. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

TL;DR, you can’t :[

Using a *choice command will automatically set up “Next” as the Page Break button, no matter the number of the options, no matter whether you use *page_break before or after the *choice.

Maybe you want to go the 'ol way like

   #To what?

Wake up

Ahhh, bummer! Thank you for clarifying!

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Perhaps it’s for the best, tho.
The option to set up things like that can be… rather complicating.


   #To what?
   #I don't care

*page_break wake up

:point_up_2:t4: that can be a 'lil jarring.

Hold up.

   #There must be another way...
      ...another way...
      *page_break ...way...
      *goto waaaay

I remember pulling something like that, though atm i cant check my code.

That would result in the player picking the #There must be another way... option and clicking “NEXT” button to proceed.

While I believe @rinari want to go something like this :point_down:t4:



On another note, yaay.
We both have cakes.


Yes, that’s what I wanted to do! I took your suggestion though @Szaal and turned it into regular text!

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