"*" instead of "next" the bar at the bottom

I’ve had a few people remark on it so it’s not just my computer. I can’t seem to work out why there’s a “*” symbol there instead of “next” in the bar at the bottom of the page.

It’s not the end of the world, it still goes forward but it’s odd. Does anyone know what’s going on?

This is the text leading up to it (The spacing is right, it just looks wrong on the forum).

            #Um well you see there was this beam of sunlight, and it was reflecting off some swamp gas.....
            You fumble through an explanation.... (Blah blah blah paragraph of text).... At least the bunyip has been dealt with. 

            *achieve mib
            *set Third_Task 60
            *set good_standing -5    
            *set grade3 "Pass"
            *goto mib

You seem to have not include the actual page break (or whatever is causing the page break), so I’m guessing, but *page_break allows changing the text of the button as so: *page_break Let’s Continue, so I imagine that you put in something like *page_break *.

Thanks @Reaperoa! You’re right that’s exactly what I did, didn’t realise that was how you changed the text. I didn’t pick up on the extra star as it was in the next section rather than before the goto lable