How to add a save system in my game?

Hello there. I was wondering on how to go about adding a temporary save system for my story (Like how other WIPs have theirs). I’m trying to look at the save system plugin but it’s really confusing to me and so I don’t know how to add the add-on???

I mean, the plugin link takes me here but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do?

I’m using Choicescript IDE Desktop if it helps. Thank you very much in advance.

CSIDE doesn’t have support for that yet, a really asked for feature tbh, but CSIDE doesn’t have it yet nor can it be added via plugins like that.

As far as I’m aware that is.

If you upload your WIP to Dashingdon, you don’t actually need to download anything to use the save plugin.

Just add the line *sm_init [name of your game] | [number of save slots you want] in your startup file, after the part where you declare your variables (and achievements, if you have those), but before the actual contents of the story.

Then when you upload your WIP to Dashingdon, there’ll be an option you can check to enable the save plugin. It’s that simple.

Note, though, that *sm_init is not recognized as a valid command by ChoiceScript itself, so you’ll need to comment it out during playtesting or when running Quicktest/Randomtest. It’s easy to forget to re-enable it, so keep that in mind!

Edit: To be clear, the save system will only work on the Dashingdon side of things, once the WIP is actually uploaded. You can’t enable a save feature for use when playtesting your local files, if that’s what you’re hoping for. I’m also not familiar with CSIDE or its interface, so it’s possible the steps are different if you’re using it, but as far as I know the overall process works the same way.


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