How to add a CSIDE ‘game’ webversion to dashingdon?

I started using choice script 3 days ago so i know not much expect for a bit of basic coding. I was wondering if you could put you choicescript CSIDE webversion on dashindon? And how do i download the files?

I have no experience with this kind of stuff so it can be i am missing some big things. And i do not have a big story yet really only a 2000 words ‘project’ i put random things in to help me learn code a bit. I also have a bigger one but i wanna focus on the small “project” now.

I was just curious on how to do it so i dont make mistakes when i make a bigger game. I write on a chromebook.

And does anyone have any useful tips?

The search engine is your friend :wink: Any particular problems let us know.

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Thanks! I already figured it out!

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