How to add a chapter index?

Hi! So Ive been looking around the forum trying to find a thread where it was explained if you can add like a chapter index so players can jump from chapter to chapter? Its mostly for the testers benefit so they dont have to play the previous chapter to get to the new ones. But, I cant really find any thread that explains this. If someone could help me I would be very grateful. :grin:

With an index you’d have to set all variables anew each time.
It’s easier, i’d say, to upload to dashingdon and enable its save feature


Another way is to upload the chapters separately on dashingdon, like what the Donor WiP did:

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Go to?
   #Chapter 1
      *goto_scene chapter1
   #Chapter 2
      *goto_scene chapter2
   #Fancy chapter
      *goto_scene fancy_chapter
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Problem with that is you also need to set all the stats between each chapter if they matter or the whole game breaks into little error filled pieces :dizzy_face:. Unless you’ve got a simplistic stat system, or a game set up where you can jump between chapters due to it being designed episode like format, it’s more trouble than it’s worth to set up IMO and you’re better off using the dashingdon save system for most things.
(But yes you can do it if you really want to. Starship Adventures was published with a jump between chapters menu. I think lost in the pages might have been as well. Both of these games have an episode format though :slight_smile: )


I mean, if the goal is to ease the testers, I don’t think you have to fine-tune all the stats for each chapter unless you’re aiming for specific “character build.”


True. I guess it depends on your stats. I often have trigger variables based on stuff that’s happened in previous chapters, so if I’m setting shortcuts I have to be careful to remember what to set in the link or things become inaccessable or even worse stuff breaks all over the place! If it’s just general stuff and it’s not quite exact, then yeah, probably doesn’t matter so much :slight_smile:


Oof okay! Thank you guys! I think i have an idea of what to do now.