How many total sales has Choice of games received?

Does anyone know how many total sales of both Choice of and Hosted games there has been? I’m sure many sales of different games were made.


A few months ago, Choice of Games stated that they paid out their 1,000,000th dollar in royalties to their authors since 2009. That means they have made roughly $4,000,000 in gross sales. Plus, there’s the roughly 30% that the markets take for their cut, so we could estimate that ~ $5,000,000 has been made off of CoGs and HGs from all parties. If we divide that by a very rough estimate for the average price per game, like $4, that means they have likely sold over 1 million copies total.

Now, remember that this is all just an estimate and I am not speaking on CoG’s behalf.


That’s insane. They really have grown alot from their first games. I remember when I first got into COG and their was like a third of the content now.


The first one I ever played was Zombie Exodus, and at the time there was maybe 10 games between COG and HG.

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I remember that I looked at one (I think it was The Fleet) on the Amazon Appstore and I thought that it looked boring. Then I accidentally downloaded and I was hooked!

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Not quite. COG paid our $750,000th dollar to “outside” authors (thereby excluding Adam, Dan, Heather, Becky, and myself) late last year. I didn’t say anything about HG’s royalties.

I’m hoping we get to our millionth dollar of “outside-COG-royalties-on-published-games” this year.


Oh, gotcha! But does that mean that the total could be double that, including Hosted Games?

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Well, HG is not as big as COG, so I wouldn’t double it. But some (large) percentage/portion, yes.


Does that mean the COG has more total sales than HG?

This is a classical maths text book problem… really…

If x = the total sales, and there are two types of sales (hosted and label) and the number of hosted sales is 2/5 the number of label sales, find x if the value of hosted sales is …

a) $750,000
b) $6.9 million
c) $3.50

Show your working in the space below. (6 marks)


Find x for each of the three hosted sales volumes listed above (a, b, and c) if the number of hosted sales corresponds to the number of label sales by the following equations …

i) hosted = 3/5(label) + $20,000
ii) hosted = 1/2(label) + $150,000
iii) hosted = 9/10(label)

Show your working for each. (18 marks)

Haveiszal Faroqie; 15518001
  1. If hosted sales = 2/5 of label sales, the total sales is the combination between the two, thus
    5+2 = 7 units of comparison.

a) 2/7 = 750.000/X
X = 750.000*7/2
X = 2.625.000

b) 2/7 = 6.9*(10^6)/X
X = 6.9*(10^6)*7/2
X = 24.15*(10^6)

c) 2/7 = 3.50/X
X = 3.50*7/2
X = 12.25

∴ For respective Hosted Sales value, the value of total sales (X): 2.625.000; 24.15 million; and 12.25 dollars

  1. The value of X in each of the case differs. To solve X, one must find the proper equation to X per case.

As X is Total Sales, we can write down

X = Hosted + Label … (I)

The value for Hosted for each case are known; we can substitute it into equation (I) so we’ll eliminate label.

Case a: Label = (5(hosted) - 100.000)/3 … (II)
Case b: Label = 2(hosted) - 150K … (III)
Case c: Label = 10/9(hosted) … (IV)

The value of X per case can be found by substituting label in eq. (I) with eq. (II), (III), (IV) respectively for each case. And then, the resulting hosted variable is substituted with the hosted value from question 1.

a) X = hosted + (5(hosted) - 100.000)/3
= 750.000 + (5*750.000 - 100.000)/3
= 750.000 + 3.650.000/3
= 1.966.666 + 2/3

b) X = hosted + (2(hosted) - 150K)
= 6.9M + (2*6.9M - 150K)
= 20.7M - 150K = 20.650K

c) X = hosted + 10/9(hosted)
= 19/9(hosted)
= 19/9*3.50
= 7 + 1/18

∴ Total sales (X) for each case: 1.996.666 + two-third dollars; 20.650.000 dollars; and seven + one-eighteenth dollars.

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