How many choices is too many choices?


Hi, I’ve been reading CoG for a while and I was wondering about peoples opinions on the number of choices in games.
Obviously more choices is better than no choices, but realistically if there are too many choices in a game then either the game is waiter going to be wide but way too shallow or the writings going to suck.
With that in mind I wanted to ask people what balance they like to see in games between quantity of choices, quality of writing or length of story?


well it depends on the situation of course, but a minimum of 3, 2 at a massive push. I like as many choices as possible that matter, but not ones that are too similar/irrelevant/are too specific or would only cater for some readers. For example if there was a situation where an enemy was coming towards you. Options like run, fight back, freeze in fear etc would be good enough. But if it was a MC choosing how to deal with another significant character/choosing how they feel, maybe up to 6 could be good? as for me, choices like that have more opportunities to be varied.


I refer you to this.

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