How I create auto saves/ a save button in ChoiceScript?

How can I make auto saves for my game, or an save button in ChoiceScript?And how I make checkpoints in ChoiceScript?


I recommend to use forum’s search feature and do a bit of research of your own before asking questions. When you stumbled upon a problem or weren’t sure of what to do, feel free to ask them here.

Having a generic questions like what you asked there can be too simplistic to answer, which you probably wouldn’t wanted anyway. It’s best to go specific when it comes to coding.

Thank you for sending that, but I still don’t understand how to implement auto saves. :thinking:

You can’t do auto saves locally. It’s something cog implements for finished games. Upload to dashingdons and it’ll hold your place if you quit the page usually, but if you clear your browser cache it’ll send you back to the beginning.

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You’re going to have to clarify what you mean, but if you’re asking what I think you are asking… I may be able to offer help.

First off, what do you mean by auto-saving? Do you mean you want to be able to return to the page you were on after quitting/exiting the game?
If so, CoG takes care of that for you upon publishing.

Otherwise, you’ll need to elaborate on what you’re looking for.

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