How does *delay_ending work?


…And how many arguments does it have?


@lackofmops I think this is one of those commands that used to be in CS but was removed.


It seems to be the command used to handle the wait time before you can replay in some of the early free versions of games. It takes three arguments, the first one is the wait time in seconds and the other two (I believe) relate in some way to the price of upgrading the app and skipping the wait period.

It doesn’t look like a command that game authors need to be concerned with.


So it’s like the one in Burn(t) where you have to either wait 20 minutes or pay $2 to play again?


Yeah, exactly.


Well, in Burnt, you can pay $1 to replay immediately (which is what *delay_ending is) or $2 to turn off ads and play infinite times.

But as CJW said, it’s not really something y’all have to worry about.